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The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary (S.5, E.1)

My Take: When last we saw our heroes, things were looking pretty grim for Rick and the gang locked in a train car while Carol, Tyreese and Judith continued toward … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead: Infected

Walkers inside the prison provide a rude awakening, farmer Rick tosses down the gloves and I loveded you piggy, I loveded you!!! (Gir from Invader Zim). Before I get into Episode 2, I … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead: 30 Days Without an Accident

Finally, after many, many months of waiting, the Season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead has come and gone and it did not disappointment. When the episode started out I … Continue reading

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October Reflections: The Walking Dead

The countdown to the beginning of Season 4 of The Walking Dead has started.  We are less than a week from the premiere and I am hoping this will be … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead: Welcome to the Tombs

Alas, Season 3 has come to end and what a season it was with action, tension, some surprising deaths and the introduction of 2 much-loved characters from the books and … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead: This Sorrowful Life

This will be a quick recap as I’m under the weather.  Now this is the type of episode that I have waited for over the past 3 weeks with action … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead: Prey

Here we are folks, only 2 episodes of The Walking Dead Season 3 left.  I had high hopes that we would be getting started on the action and build up … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead: Arrow on the Doorpost

Warning, spoilers ahead The big confrontation arrived as Rick and the Governor come face to face to try to come to terms of agreement and bury the hatchet err…machete.  A summit … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead: Clear

Oh you know there are Spoilers coming This was a different type of episode with the departure of focus on the prison and Woodbury and only involving 3 of the … Continue reading

March 5, 2013 · 1 Comment

The Walking Dead – I Ain’t A Judas

So what did you watch last night, The Walking Dead or the Oscars?  The correct answer is The Walking Dead.  Last week ended with some good action as the Governor … Continue reading

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