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October Reflections: The Walking Dead


The countdown to the beginning of Season 4 of The Walking Dead has started.  We are less than a week from the premiere and I am hoping this will be another good season like Season 3 but better.  Here we have an overview of the past 3 seasons and a preview of Season 4.


Season 1:  The Walking Dead debuted on October 31, 2010 and the first episode, Days Gone By, was amazing.  The way that Rick stumbles into a devastated world with no idea of what has happened and being somewhat impaired from being in coma, is so well done.  The fear, hopelessness and confusion that he is experiencing is shown well and Andrew Lincoln plays Rick perfectly. The season only had 6 episodes and unfortunately they didn’t all maintain the momentum of the first one.  They weren’t bad but it felt like more of the story could have been told and developed in those episodes.


Season 2: Enter the second season.  It started out well, the first couple of episodes were good but it didn’t last as the survivors settled onto the farm.  Out of the 3 seasons, this was defiantly the weakest.  There were some good moments but overall, this one spent too much time with the group not doing a lot other than struggling to make a safe home.  Yes, that might be what people would do but it was just boring. All I could hope was that Season 3 would bring the show back to the great story telling of the first episode in Season 1.


Season 3: This season certainly was an improvement over Season 1 and much better than Season 2.  It still had some flaws and weak story points but all in all, this was the best season so far.  We saw the introduction of Tyrese, Michonne and The Governor and there were surprising deaths, a new life and the characters continued to evolve in a ruined world.


Season 4: The previous season saw tragic endings and traumatic new beginnings and Rick taking on a new group of survivors.  This could be a good thing or a bad thing; safety in numbers but judging from the preview, women and children are perfect Walker bait.  And it appears that someone is messing with the survivors and releasing Walkers into the prison (again).  Hopefully this season will be good and bring out more elements of horror and not just be post apocalyptic home making in prison.

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