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2020 The Year of the Vampire

The Year of the vampire. No, it’s not a new type of zodiac sign- although I could create my own …no, no, don’t get distracted. I’ve set my own reading … Continue reading

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The Strain: Season 1 (2014)

The Gist Vamps & Hunters: Corey Stoll (Ephraim Goodweather); David Bradley (Abraham Setrakian); Mía Maestro (Nora Martinez); Kevin Durand (Vasiliy Fet); Ben Hyland (Zach Goodweather); Richard Sammel (Thomas Eichorst); Miguel Gómez (Augustin ‘Gus’ Elizalde); Jonathan Hyde (Eldritch Palmer); Ruta Gedmintas (Dutch Velders) My Take: Vampires have invaded … Continue reading

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30 Days of Night (2007)

The Gist Vamps & Victims: Josh Hartnett (Eben); Melissa George (Stella); Danny Huston (Marlow); Ben Foster (The Stranger); Manu Bennett (Billy); Mark Rendall (Jake); Mark Boone Junior (Beau) My Take: Vampires. How very Halloweeny and there is nothing sexy or emo about this troupe … Continue reading

October 2, 2014 · 4 Comments

Dracula Untold (October 17, 2014)

What’s this, another adaptation of the Dracula story.  Try not to roll your eyes too much, this one looks pretty damn good with a real kick-ass vampire.  Dracula Untold takes … Continue reading

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Byzantium (2012)

The Gist: After 200 years of running and being hunted by the Brotherhood, vampires Clara and Eleanor seek refuge in the village they left 2 centuries earlier.  The pair find … Continue reading

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Dracula 2000 (2000)

The Gist: Dracula has been revived in the year 2000 and is prancing around New Orléans, vamping hotties and seeking the daughter of his nemesis, Van Helsing. Vamp Babes, Hunters & Victims: Gerard … Continue reading

May 6, 2013 · 2 Comments

‘Salem’s Lot (2004)

The Gist: A small Maine town is overrun by the undead when a vampire moves into an old haunted house overlooking the community.  It’s up to a writer, a doctor, … Continue reading

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The Moth Diaries (2011)

The Gist: Rebecca returns to her boarding school for another year of learning and hanging out with her 4 best friends but their usual antics are disrupted by the arrival of new … Continue reading

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October Reflections: Halloween Wars Ep.2

Battle of the Vampire Killer Week 2 of the Wars finds the remaining four teams battling it out with Grim Reapers, Vampires and Vamp Hunters. For the mini scare, the … Continue reading

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Midnight Son (2011)

The Gist: Jacob is a lonely night shift security guard who suffers from a rare skin condition; when sunlight touches his skin, it burns and boils (I can’t remember the … Continue reading

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