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Dracula Untold (October 17, 2014)

Dracula Untold

What’s this, another adaptation of the Dracula story.  Try not to roll your eyes too much, this one looks pretty damn good with a real kick-ass vampire.  Dracula Untold takes us back to the origins of the man Vlad Tepes and how he became the vampire Dracula. Starring Luke Evans (Immortals and the abomination of a remake of The Crow), Sarah Gadon (The Amazing Spider Man 2), Dominic Cooper (Captain America, The Devil’s Double) and Zach McGown (Charles Vane from Black Sails, best pirate ever).

From the trailer, this looks really good and I have hopes that it will be the next great vampire flick because there hasn’t been a good one in many, many years.  And the bonus…it comes out shortly before Halloween.  Woot!






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