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2020 The Year of the Vampire

The Year of the vampire. No, it’s not a new type of zodiac sign- although I could create my own …no, no, don’t get distracted. I’ve set my own reading challenge for this year that isn’t about how many books I read but rather what I am planning to read. And clearly, vampires are apart of that plan.

What got me into reading and writing over 30 years ago (never mind how old I was then) were vampire novels. Particularly ‘Interview With the Vampire’ (Anne Rice) and ‘Lost Souls’ (Poppy Z. Brite now known as Billy Martin). Add in ‘The Light at the End’ (John Skipp & Craig Spector) for a truly gritty vampire experience and there is quite the reading list to get into vampire fiction.

For my own personal reading challenge I am going to revisit my favourite vampire novels and read ones that I have meaning to get to. These will be in addition to other books that I want to read; there are so many on my list.

So far I have finished reading ‘Certain Dark Things’ by Silvia Moreno-Garcia. Vampires are no longer hidden but are a plague (somewhat literally) to humanity. The novel is set in Mexico City and the vampire lore and the world the author has built is fascinating. The actual story, is so-so but that could be because I am not a huge fan of the main characters, Atl and Domingo.

The next vampire novel to read along side the non-vampire book I am currently reading (The Black Prism by Brent Weeks) will be ‘Interview With the Vampire’ or ‘The Night Inside’ by Nancy Baker.

Happy reading children of the night (what music they make).

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