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October Reflections: Halloween Wars Ep.2

Battle of the Vampire Killer

Week 2 of the Wars finds the remaining four teams battling it out with Grim Reapers, Vampires and Vamp Hunters. For the mini scare, the teams were tasked to create their interpretations of Death.  One of the groups decided to go with what death means to a rat using a cat to represent the Reaper, another took the modern approach and had It emerging from a tablet implying that Death is so busy and has had to resort to emailing his notices of demise.  Then there is the version pictured below of old Grim rowing down the river Styx with an unlucky soul.

The big scare this week was vampires and vampire hunters and featured guest judge Rutina Wesley, Tara from HBO’s True Blood.  I really didn’t like any of the final creations except for the winner shown below- a vampire hunting nun taking out the undead. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other images but really, this was the best one.  The mini skulls surrounding the base of the casket are made from potatoes and they look pretty freaking cool.

Next week is Science Gone Wild.

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