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The Walking Dead: Hounded

Hounded indeed.  Michonne has left Woodbury but not the Governor’s reach.  The episode opens with Merle and 3 others pursuing her at the request of the G man; he wants her head and her sword. Merle maybe a champion in the biter fight club but he is no match for Michonne as she beheads one of his cohorts and guts the other, leaving Merle and Neil (Giancarlo?) to deal with the mess.  Neil wants to continue hunting Michonne but Merle wants to cut his losses and lie to the Governor. Merle wins the argument by putting a bullet in Neil’s head.

Rick has a nice telephone conversation with his dead wife.  I suppose if you have been through what he has, you would be cracking up too.  That being said, this chat is enough to wake him up and go take care of his son and new-born daughter. While Rick is coming to the realization that he has to be responsible for his kids, Carl, Oscar and Daryl are searching through the prison, taking out Walkers and sharing stories of how their Mother’s died. How touching. The 3 of them kill one Walker (overkill) and find Carol’s knife wedged in its neck.  Daryl sits full of anger and sadness and finally pries open a door that is blocked by a dead Walker and is banging against the body and there is Carol. I knew she wasn’t dead.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Glenn are in town getting more formula and supplies.  Everything is going well, even with Michonne watching them from behind stalled vehicles covered in zombie guts.  And then Merle shows up and it all goes to hell.   Glenn should have shot him but he didn’t and Merle was somehow able to get the jump on him and Maggie and ends up pointing a gun at Maggie’s head and telling Glenn to drive back to Woodbury.  Back in Woodbury, Andrea and the Governor have a heart to heart about enjoying the thrill of killing Walkers and then they end up in bed.  As many have pointed out, she does have a thing for the bad boys.

The episode closes with Rick, Carl, Hershel and Beth walking in the prison yard with Rick cradling his daughter.  He looks out over the field and his face changes to concern as he gives the baby to Carl and approaches the fence.  Michonne stands there surrounded by Walkers, who won’t attack because she is covered in Walker viscera, carrying the shopping basket that Maggie dropped when Merle attacked her.

Final Thoughts: This was a good episode with Rick coming back from the edge of insanity to finally hold his baby and resume his leadership of the group.  I’m glad they didn’t drag out the Carol thing and it was a tender moment to watch Daryl carry her to safety.  I also like the relationship between Carl and Daryl; Daryl listened to Carl say it out loud, how he shot his Mother, something that he couldn’t do with his own Father.  The Woodbury stuff is still not overly interesting but I’m hoping it will pick up with Merle’s lie to the Governor and the kidnapping of Glenn and Maggie.  I’m looking forward to the dream team of Walker killers uniting-Rick, Daryl and Michonne- and seeing what happens when Woodbury and the Prison finally collide.  How close to the comics are they going to go?

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