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American Horror Story Asylum: Monstrosity

Farewell Shelly

Contains Spoilers

This week the players at Briarcliff were falling into the land of memory starting with Oliver a.k.a Bloody Face.  We are shown why the deeply disturbed doctor has chosen to skin women alive (he didn’t have human contact growing up, so the skin of the women gives him that) and he explains to Lana what it is that he wants from her: he wants her to be his Mommy; his own Mother abandoned him as a child leaving him to be raised in the system. Lana placates him and the last scene with them is disturbing as Oliver suckles Lana breast like a baby, not sexually.

Briarcliff has a visitor.  A girl is abandoned by her Mother because she is convinced her daughter is a murderer.  Which she is and Sister Mary Eunice helps the girl accept her nature as a killer and encourages her not to suppress it.  After Jude sends the girl home, the child kills her brother, sister and Mother.

Poor Sister Jude has been expelled from Briarcliff and just as she has received confirmation that Arden was in fact a Nazi doctor.  Monsignor Timothy Howard is asked to give last rites to a dying patient who turns out to be Shelly.  He is horrified to see what Arden did to her and confronts Arden (after he kills Shelly) about his experiments.  Arden turns it back on Howard saying that it was him who allowed free rein for the experiments.  Flashback to a naïve Timothy doing just that, believing that Arden was going to create a vaccine to end TB; or something like that.  After the confrontation, Arden shows Timothy his latest specimen and once again convinces him that his work will be vital when the Russians set off their nukes.  Arden tells Timothy that Jude has to go because she is a threat; Timothy agrees and has her reassigned to a home for troubled girls.

And speaking of nuns, Sister Mary Eunice is up to more than just talking little girls into being serial killers.  She finds out that Jude has hired a Nazi hunter and goes to the old man to find his research and sees Arden as Nazi doctor, Hans Gruber.  She takes all the files and pictures and stabs the old man whom Jude discovers.  The old fellow has enough breath to tell her that a nun stabbed him.  Sister M.E. confronts Arden with the evidence and says she has hidden some of it away as insurance.  Arden is clearly upset but the Sister tells him to trust her and gives him a chaste kiss on the cheek.

Finally this week we get to see what has taken place at present day Briarcliff.  Apparently Bloody Face has called the police to let them know that he only killed the impostors at Briarcliff.  When the police enter the asylum, the 3 impostors are found strung up, hanging from the ceiling.  The cops find the husband of the macabre couple and only at the end of the episode, do they find out that there is a wife who is missing; she is now strapped to a table with Bloody Face looming over her.

The secret is nutmeg, emphasis on the nut

Final Thoughts: Well, this was a decent episode, not great but not bad.  They wrapped up Shelly, got the origins of Bloody Face out-of-the-way, pushed forward with Arden’s dirty secrets and finally touched on what is happening in the present.  So, is the present day Bloody Face Oliver 48 year later?  Or is it a second generation Oliver?  Or has he not aged?  Hopefully, we will find out sooner than later.  One last thought.  I wonder if Sister Mary Eunice is really possessed or just cutting loose thinking she is?  I could be way off.

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