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The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary (S.5, E.1)

My Take: When last we saw our heroes, things were looking pretty grim for Rick and the gang locked in a train car while Carol, Tyreese and Judith continued toward … Continue reading

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Open Grave (2013)

The Gist Killers or Victims: Sharlto Copley (Jonah); Thomas Kretschmann (Lukas); Josie Ho (Brown Eyes); Joseph Morgan (Nathan); Erin Richards (Sharon); Max Wrottesley (Michael) My Take:  I was excited to see this flick after viewing the trailer back in January and finally, … Continue reading

August 10, 2014 · 1 Comment

A Good Soldier: Who Are You (Ch.16)

Bloodied soldiers stumbled through a haze of smoke, their bodies mutilated and their faces shrouded in terror as they tried to escape the dead, exploding grenades and bullets whizzing through … Continue reading

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A Good Soldier: Fate is a Bitch (Ch.14)

Fate is cruel bitch and I should have known she wouldn’t let me off that easy, or hard, depending on how you looked at it.  I closed the truck door … Continue reading

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Dead Set (2008)

The Gist: During a fictional series of Big Brother, a zombie outbreak occurs but the house-mates are unaware of the impending doom outside of the Big Brother House. (IMDB) (Non)Reality Stars: Jaime … Continue reading

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A Good Soldier: Indecision (Ch.12)

The sky brightened as I continued down the unobstructed road.  My eyes started to droop in the calm of the dawning morning and I was dangerously close to falling asleep … Continue reading

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A Good Soldier: From the Shadows (Ch.11)

My foot was out the door before I stopped and reconsidered.  There was a cabinet of guns and ammo in the living room and with things going far worse than … Continue reading

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A Good Soldier: Tell Me A Tale of Woe (Ch.10)

Keenan wasn’t law enforcement but military, a lieutenant in the army and he wasn’t from Washington State but had been behind a desk for the last 10 years in New … Continue reading

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A Good Soldier: UnRest Stop (Chapter 8)

Scott pleaded for his life as he knelt on the muddy ground, hands bound behind his back and Langley’s gun pointing at the side of his head, telling him it … Continue reading

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American Horror Story Coven: Burn Witch. Burn!

When we last saw our heroines, the coven was under attack by zombies summoned by Marie Laveau in retaliation for Fiona killing the Minotaur and because she hates the Salem … Continue reading

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