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American Horror Story Coven: Burn Witch. Burn!


When we last saw our heroines, the coven was under attack by zombies summoned by Marie Laveau in retaliation for Fiona killing the Minotaur and because she hates the Salem witches.  Cordelia had a face full of acid and Kyle had just killed his molesting Mother leaving Zoe with a poisoned bowl of tuna. 


Zombies!  With the house under siege and the girls left alone with the boy next door, Delphine and Spalding, they must figure out what to do to not to be zombie chow. Delphine is confronted by her dead daughters who we find out were brutalized by their Mother after they made a pact to kill her because she was always chasing away marriageable men.  Nan’s new (boy)friend decides it’s all just a Halloween joke and heads out to confront the pranksters.  Yeah that goes well and he ends up with a few more holes in him but Nan is able to get him back to the house with Zoe’s help.  Sadly, she is now on the menu for the zombies and must fight her way out; she does with a chainsaw and plenty of gore, ala Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness.  When her weapon runs out of gas and she is cornered, Zoe zaps the zombie with a magic that has not been seen before.  This zap also breaks Marie’s spell and alerts the voodoo queen that there is a very powerful Salem witch.


Meanwhile Cordelia is in the hospital, blinded from the acid attack and Fiona is all fucked up, emotionally and chemically.  She wanders the hospital halls doped up, sees the person in black that blinded Cordelia and revives a dead baby before arguing with Cordelia’s husband Hank.  And speaking of Hank; Cordelia has gained a new power with her blindness.  When she touches Hank, she sees him screwing the redhead.  Not sure what that ability is called but she is getting snippets of recent events when someone touches her.


Rounding out this episode is Fiona’s confrontation with the council, again.  This time they have come to dethrone her in light of recent events –Cordelia’s attack, the conflict with Marie Laveau and the disappearance of Madison.  Yeah, like Fiona will go down like that.  Using Queenie, Fiona frames Myrtle Snow for Cordelia’s attack and Myrtle is sentenced to burn at the stake for her crime against the coven.  After she is burned up, Queenie realizes what she has done but Fiona convinces her that she has the potential to be the next Supreme.  The final scene is a burnt Myrtle and Misty Day, having presumably been drawn to her, touching the corpse and reviving her.


Final Thoughts:  I really liked this episode with Zoe going all chainsaw crazy and unleashing a new power, Nan getting a boyfriend to keep in her room until he heals, Cordelia finding out about one of Hank’s indiscretions and watching Fiona keep a death grip on her place as Supreme.  There was also a scene with Spalding dressed up in his nightgown trying to play with Madison and ripping her arm off.  He’s all kinds of messed up. 


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