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Dead Set (2008)

Dead Set Eye

The Gist: During a fictional series of Big Brother, a zombie outbreak occurs but the house-mates are unaware of the impending doom outside of the Big Brother House. (IMDB)Dead_Set_Kelly

(Non)Reality StarsJaime Winstone (Kelly); Andy Nyman (Patrick); Riz Ahmed (Riq); Warren Brown (Marky); Warren Brown (Space); Kevin Eldon (Joplin); Kathleen McDermott (Pippa); Davina McCall

Dead Set

My Take: I’m not a fan of reality TV in this context (I like Face Off and Master Chef) but what could be better than watching annoying, self-centred reality TV “stars” being attacked by zombies.  The mini-series is comprised of 5 episodes and begins with the start of the zombie apocalypse and carries through as the house mates realize that they are no longer being filmed and that the world outside their bubble is in ruins.

Dead Set Riq

Joining the house mates as the world ends is Kelly, a new crew member who is kind of the focal point for the series, Patrick, who I believe is one of the producers and a total dick i.e. the first guy you want to get eaten and Kelly’s lover, Riq who must fight his way back to her.  The group holes up in the Big Brother house and we watch as the they come to terms with what is happening and make decisions that will either align them or force them to turn against one another.


Overall, the series was well done from the unlikable reality stars (just like real life) to the story, acting and special effects make-up on the zombies.  The series basically takes place in the Big Brother and the surrounding studio with bits of the surrounding town and countryside thrown in.

Dead Set Davina

Final Thoughts: Dead Set is a well done zombie/apocalypse mini snippet that delivers gruesome zombies and brutal attacks and fulfills a zombie craving without being too lengthy and overdrawn.  The amount of screaming and shouting that the characters do however did get on my nerves.  All in all, a good little British mini-series to watch while waiting for the next season of In the Flesh.


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