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Challenge Me! Day 5 – Here Comes the Sun, Stay Inside

Yeah, I’m a slacker. Tough week, last week. Moving forward. Today is more of just here’s what I’m planning for summer – which kind of starts now with the May long weekend (summer solstice is June 20, 2020). This will be an unusual summer as the world continues to adjust to life during a pandemic. It is far from over as we wait for a vaccine and what better way to enjoy the nicer weather than reading outside or with fresh air blowing through the window or on less than nice days, binging favourite shows.

Something Beautiful: Books, books, books, I like books. My summer reading list is a beautiful thing. Between now and September 8th here is a list of books that I am going to read in no specific order.

Summer 2020 Reading List

-White Night – Jim Butcher
-Circe – Madeline Miller
-The Master and Margarita – Mikhail Bulgakov
-Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil – John Berendt – Reread
-The Witching Hour – Anne Rice – Reread
-Empire of Gold – S.A. Chakraborty – June 2020 release
-Mexican Gothic – Silvia Moreno-Garcia – June 2020 release
-The Clockmaker’s Daughter – Kate Morton
-The Oxford Illustrated History of Witchcraft and Magic – Owen Davies

Summer 2020 Watch List

-Sex and the City – Come on, how could I not. Mindless and enjoyable
-The Vampire Diaries – So cheesy, so much teen drama but vampires, witches and werewolves…oh my
-Supernatural – I stopped around Season 10 but I loved it and will see how it ends
-Cardinal – One episode left in Season 3 and then I have the final season ready to go
-Kindred: The Embrace – Obscure and so bad but I love the World of Darkness
-Dracula (Netflix) – First episode was good, interesting way to tell the tale
-Sherlock (BBC) – The best Sherlock in recent memory

Something Creative – The photo. That’s my contribution today. Yeah, kind of lame. I’m working on it.

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