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Challenge Me! Day 6 – Jinx/Drawing Part 2

Another near sleepless night greeting the morning with a headache. Fun times. So 5 am post here we are. I had intended to post last night but got caught up in a book instead.

Something Beautiful: Cats. I love animals but cats are the best. If I had the space, my house would have so many little fluffy beasts running around but for now, I have Jinx – who may or may not like a companion, no idea. She is 4 and she is crazy. When she wants to play she gets the flat ears and pure black eyes that means you are going to be attacked (not viscous, purely playful). Since being an adult, Jinx is my second cat. We adopted our first cat Smokey who was older when we got her. She was playful but nothing like a kitten. When Jinx gets going, she jumps into the air and does a perfect imitation of a Halloween cat – arched back and very fierce eyes. So, cats….beautiful? Absolutely. Not just their shiny fur and funky eyes. They are beautiful, peaceful creatures that provide us humans with companionship and can help turn a crap day around and see that it’s not so bad. Cuddles or playing, they give affection and with Jinx, entertainment.

Something Creative: Again, not good at drawing but relaxing none the less, especially when my head is too full of ideas bursting to be written and then sitting down to finally write and my pen won’t move. Where to start is one issue, while the other is why have I left my other characters/stories in limbo to start something new. Lack of concentration I suppose. So, here is a flowerish.




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