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Challenge Me! Day 4 – Drawing (Don’t Judge)

Ok, so I’m taking a more relaxed approach to my challenge and hey, why not. I made it up. But really, I am trying to stay on top of it. Work, soul sucking, blah, blah, blah. Anyway….

Something Beautiful: One of the perks about working from home is being able to go for walks on my breaks to some of the beautiful parks in the area. Summit is one of my favourites and close enough to get there, walk around it (no one is usually around) and be home in the allotted break time. I have no idea what these flowers are (all I know about flowers, I have learned from Animal Crossing) but they are all over the park. Purple beauty.

Something Creative: I am not very good at drawing, I’ll say that upfront but I am trying to learn to do the basics. And I don’t think it could get more amateurish than this. But It’s fun to try and distracting.

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