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2019 Reads


Lots of reads in 2019. A new record of 24. Well, 23 as one was DNF but stil a record.

Best Reads: The City of Brass, The Kingdom of Copper, The Song of Achilles, A Ladder to the Sky, Empire of Wild.

The Meh: The Last (had more potential but meandered from the mystery), Thunderhead (just not as engaging as Scythe), The Lost Man (another meandering mystery that fell flat for me).

Did not finish:

Disclaimer: This is obviously just my opinion. To each their own.

A Discovery of Witches. The beginning was quite engaging. The world and creatures are interesting and there is so much lore that is probably there to be discovered but after over 300 pages, the romance felt rushed and the characters just didn’t seem to fit together for some reason. And I just couldn’t take another description of a meal – it felt over the top. There is a chance I will read another book by the author (never know, I might try to finish this one) but I don’t think I can handle the romance between these characters.

2020 – I have a monster list of books I plan to read. Will I get to them all, perhaps but the most important thing is to enjoy the reads not how many books are read. 


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