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Mandy (2018)

The Players: Nicolas Cage (Red); Andrea Riseborough (Mandy Bloom); Linus Roache (Jeremiah Sand)


The Gist: Hmm….Umm…..There’s a lumberjack who can also forge one of a hell a bitchen’ axe. His girlfriend who draws and likes to read. Throw in a cult leader with what seems to be multiple personalities and demon bikers? Red and blue filters to colour up the talky scenes, followed by a grindhouse like killing spree.

My Take: Back to the Umm….I don’t really know what to make of this movie. Art house type of flick – I guess so. Incomprehensible – definitely. I guess the story can be summed up as a revenge movie. After watching his girlfriend, Mandy, burned alive by a fucked cult leader (whom she spurned and laughed at while he presented himself to her) and his followers, Red loses his mind and begins a journey of revenge. Part of that revenge involves forging a kick ass axe. This is kind of the where the movie takes a twist to over the top blood and violence. There are beheadings and a chainsaw fight and Nic Cage killing demons.

Final Thoughts: Well, I can’t l say I liked this movie. Can’t say I can recommend this either, even though it has gotten surprisingly good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, just not my kind of movie. Watching it stoned, I don’t think helped but then again, maybe it does. Just too out there for me.

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