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The Endless (2017)

Cultists: Aaron Moorhead (Aaron), Justin Benson (Justin)

The Gist: 10 years after two brother escaped an alien worshipping suicide cult, they receive a video tape in the mail from the cult, bidding them farewell as they prepare for ascension. Younger brother Aaron wants to go back and see them before they take their leave and reluctantly, Justin agrees.

My Take: I’m not a huge fan of movies that use a cult with sinister intentions floating everywhere but I decided to give this one ago. Since leaving the cult, the brothers went public about their interpretation of the cult and it’s purpose but their 15 minutes of fame faded quickly and years later they are barely making ends meet, living off ramen noodles and trying to figure how they are going to pay their bills, only encouraging Aaron’s desire to go back to an easier life in the camp.


Going back to the camp, Aaron has a rose-coloured memory of the cult he and Justin were raised in after their Mother’s death but Justin, who pulled him out of it, doesn’t think it is all singing around the fire pit. It doesn’t overtly come off like a cult. The members of the camp don’t wear uniforms and they don’t have cult behaviour. It’s more like a commune. It doesn’t take long for some oddities to start happening and for Justin to go in search of the truth after insulting the camp members and accepting that Aaron doesn’t want to and isn’t going to leave. He feels at home and sees how much easier life could be if he just stayed at the camp.


Ok, so here is where it got interesting. In his search for the truth, Justin finds out that the camp is in some kind of time paradox bubble (can’t think of a better description right now) where if you die in the camp you will become immortal but you can never leave camp. No matter how many times you die, you will just start over again and continue to be immortal. One note here, I never watched the whole movie ‘Resolution’ but there is a cross over between that and ‘The Endless’. I recognized the 2 guys from ‘Resolution’ and now I want to go back and finish it.

Anyway, Justin and Aaron soon realize the cost of being part of the camp and Aaron reluctantly leaves with Justin as the world seems to implode until they escape the camp and end up back on the highway, mortal and whole.

Final Thoughts: I’m not doing it justice with my kind of scattered and scant review but I did like this movie and the way death kept repeating itself. One thing though, it was quite long at almost 2 hours which might be why I drifted at parts. Overall, for a cult movie it was enjoyable and I do recommend it.


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