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Doc of the Dead (2014)



Zombie MastersMax Brooks; Tom Savini; Bruce CampbellSimon PeggRobert KirkmanFran KranzGreg NicoteroGeorge A. Romero 

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My Take: I love a good documentary about horror movies and this one specifically takes the viewer through the history of the zombie flick and increasing popularity of the zombie in society.


Doc of the Dead brings the viewer horror, humour and an interesting and enjoyable look at the zombie and how these creatures have clawed their way into the mainstream and become a pop culture phenomenon.  This documentary is highly entertaining as it mixes clips from zombie movies – White Zombie, Night of the Living Dead, Shaun of the Dead, World War Z and a zombie porn – interviews with zombie masters – Max Brooks, Bruce Campbell, Robert Kirkman, Tom Savini, Greg Nicotero, George A. Romero and many others – and some funny zombie inspired musical interludes.  Like other documentaries that look at the horror genre, it examines the influences and evolution of a horror fade and how it has become so popular in movies and society in general; I mean come on, there is a zombie research society.


Final Thoughts:  This is fun flick and it is always enjoyable to see the creators of some our favourite movies talk about those movies and talk about where their influences come from and how they react to the zombie fan base that has grown substantially and become extremely mainstream.  Now and go watch it before the next big zombie sensation outbreak.

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