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Spring Entertainment Sweep


We are about a month into Spring 2014, my birthday has just passed and so has my lazy week off from work.  So what does Spring sweep mean…what I’ve been watching, playing, reading and writing.  Here’s the sweep.


Hannibal S2

Hannibal (S.2) – With an explosive first episode, this season is continuing to develop the characters and the relationship, as sick and twisted as it might be, between Will and Hannibal.  Just as good as the first season but it’s up in the air as to whether it will continue for another.  We all know how the story goes but can we get another season or two from it?  I certainly hope so.

Black Sails




Billy Bones

Black Sails (S.1) – I’m all about the pirates right now and I highly enjoyed the first season of this pirate tale.  True, there was not a lot of sailing on the sea but it offered great characters, a fluid story line, a couple surprising turns and no shortage of muscled, sun slicked pirates.  If you’re into that sort of thing.


Justified (S.5) – As much as I love Justified, I’m not surprised the last season will be airing next year.  Season 5 brought in a new group for Raylan to face off with and brought him down to the level of an ordinary man having to deal with the consequences of his less than lawful past actions.  Good stuff as always.


Vikings (S.2) – This season has certainly moved things along and posed some of Ragnar’s biggest challenges as he deals with obvious threats and those that are being schemed behind his back but how much of what occurs does Ragnar really know about?


Game of Thrones (S.4) – What can you say about this season so far?  Hurray! Oh no! What? Who is that guy again?  Wait, is that a different actor?  Ohh…dragons.  There was a white walker, guess we won’t see them again until next season.  All kidding aside, the show remains strong in all aspects.  If only I could get through the first 100 pages of the book…


Bitten (S.1) – I was skeptical about this show.  The lead actress didn’t impress upon me (by looks alone) a strong kick ass, only female werewolf type like in the book however as the show progressed, I started to really enjoy it and Laura Vandervoort is quite good as Elena Michaels.


Orphan Black (S.2) – I did like the first season of this show but I didn’t love it.  Now that the second season has started, I’m enjoying it more.  The introduction is done and now the show is more about digging into the story behind how Sarah and the others came to be.


The Originals (S1): The Vampire Diaries spin-off, this show is more mature as the characters aren’t in high school and there is plenty of supernatural deviousness. Werewolves, vampires, witches and New Orléans.  Good stuff.

Upcoming: The Musketeers (Pilot April 27), Penny Dreadful (Pilot has aired, review coming soon), In The Flesh (S.2 May 15), True Blood (Final Season June 22), The Strain (July 19), The Killing (Final Season on Netflix August 1)



ESO – So far an enjoyable MMO.  I’m not overly familiar with The Elder Scrolls but I am enjoying this game even though I haven’t played much.


Assassin’s Creed IV – Did I mention I’m all about the pirates right now.  I don’t know why I haven’t been playing this more since I got it at Christmas.  Loving it!


Stolen - Kelley Armstrong







A Good Soldier: Still working on this book.  I haven’t posted the next chapter but I did finish chapter 17 and 18.  Just a matter of editing.  Then to continue Louis’ tale.



Red Morning (Working title): Yet another idea for a vampire tale.  I have so many of these ideas but I have such a hard time actually writing a vampire story.  This time I will just do it.  Stay tuned for a new adventure.


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