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American Horror Story Coven: Go to Hell

Things are coming to a head as the end of Coven approaches with the second to last episode offering some unexpected and violent endings.  Let’s run this down as we prepare for the finale and the naming of the new Supreme tomorrow.


We open this episode with a silent black and white clip of, what I would assume, an original Salem Witch completing the Seven Wonders test.  This provides a good lead up to the finale when the Coven will be performing these tests.  Fiona is telling Queenie about the ritual and it is becoming more and more evident that the Supreme is fading as she looks and acts languid and weak.  Queenie is ready to go but is curious about where Marie Laveau has gone.


Queenie decides to try to find the voodoo queen in the underworld and ends up in the Chicken Shack, her personal hell, and confronts Papa Legba.  Once back in her own realm, she discusses Marie and Delphine with Papa L over hot coco and determines that because Marie is in pieces, she has broken her bargain with the King of the Underworld and this will send her to hell while also rendering Delphine mortal?  I don’t think I really followed how all of this went down but the result is 2 less ladies in the house.

Papa Legba

After Queenie finishes her chat with Papa Legba, she goes to find Delphine who has taken over the historic tours of her home (maiming the tour guide) and is rewriting her history as a kinder one for the tourists.  Queenie arrives at the house and gives Delphine one last chance at redemption for the atrocities she committed but LaLaurie is far from repentant and much to her surprise dies when Queenie cuts her open.  Delphine arrives in hell only to be a helpless witness to the torture of her daughters at the hands of Marie Laveau.  Marie protests against hurting innocents but Papa Legba is there to tell her that her annual sacrifice of babies was far from helping the innocent and forces her to continue the torture.  Two characters dead, who is next?


Cordelia is desperately trying to find Misty Day however she is receiving nothing, no visions, when she touches Misty’s belongings.  Maybe gouging out her own eyes wasn’t the key to regaining her second sight.   After a chat with Fiona in which the Supreme tells her daughter she is ready to die (of course she isn’t), Fiona tells Delia that powers don’t just go away, they are always within us.  Delia touches one of Fiona’s necklaces and low and behold, she has a vision.  But it isn’t from the past, she has a vision of the future and it looks pretty bleak.  All of the girls are dead, she is dead and Fiona is the lone survivor of whatever disaster has befallen the Coven.  Time for Delia to take control.


Her first stop is to have a little chat with her Mother’s lover, the Axeman.  Delia was quite calm as she faced the serial killer/former ghost and she did a damn fine job of messing with his head and convincing him that Fiona doesn’t really love him and is going to leave New Orléans alone.  The Axeman is devastated but he has to know if what Delia told and showed him (she has some wicked mind projection powers) is true.  Fiona arrives and after some banter and fighting, she finally admits that she didn’t love him and was using him because she was needy and vulnerable. Once she kills the new Supreme and has her powers back, she will be Queen of the world again and this shabby man with his shabby dreams will be beneath her.  How do you think he reacts…with his axe.  Is this is truly the end for Fiona Goode?


After her trip to the Axeman, Delia works with Queenie to get Misty Day back after discovering that the swamp witch is buried in a cemetery.  Queenie uses her growing powers to tear open the tomb, then uses her gift of resurgence to breathe life into Misty who is one pissed off woman.

Misty Day

Back at the house, Madison is chatting with Myrtle who is clearly probing at the idea that Madison was involved with Misty’s disappearance.   The truth is close at hand when Zoe and Kyle make their return (damn it).  Their trip to Florida was cut short after Kyle killed a homeless man and Zoe brought him back to life.  She is now convinced that she is the next Supreme and that’s why they came back.  The reunion is cut short when the very pissed off Misty Day bursts into the house and kicks the shit out of Madison.  Another interruption stops the chic fight as a bloody Axeman comes down the stairs and yells at the Coven.  Hey, where did he come from and whose blood is all over the place?


Delia uses her second sight and watches the exchange between Fiona and the Axeman and then watches as he kills her mother with his trusty axe.   The Axeman seems to be out of sorts and is easy prey for a house full of very powerful young witches and one Coven guard dog.  FrankenKyle tackles the Axeman but the girls quickly take over, stating that they don’t need a man’s protection.  Madison starts the festivities using the axe then the rest of the girls join in and the 4 of them stab and hack him to death.


The show closes out with the remaining Coven members hanging Fiona’s portrait, saying kind things about her before retracting those kind words for the truth.  Cordelia declares that all the girls will undergo the trials of the Seven Wonders and a new Supreme will then be named.

Final Thoughts: This was certainly a more interesting episode than the last couple.  I still don’t like the Kyle and Zoe thing and I hope she burns out of the Seven Wonders first (but I don’t think she does).  The ending of Marie Laveau, Madame LaLaurie, the Axeman and Fiona seems to wrap up a lot in preparation for tomorrow’s finale but is Fiona really dead, did Delia prevent the horrific vision she saw or will it play out anyway?  Soon, we shall have all of the answers….


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