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American Horror Story Coven: Protect the Coven


Only 2 episodes left and we are no closer to finding out who the new Supreme is, if there is one.


Let us begin at Nan’s funeral as the coven, including Marie Laveau, have gathered around the casket to mourn.  Misty isn’t there but the ever kind Madison reassures everyone that she has probably just twirled off into the swamp.  Of course no one knows how Nan really drowned until Zoe does a spell and sees Fiona and Marie holding her under the water.  Why is Zoe surprised that they both women had a hand in Nan’s death?  Neither of them has a moral bone in their body.


On the Zoe front, she has a chat with Myrtle Snow in the greenhouse and the motherly Myrtle gives Zoe everything her and Kyle need to leave New Orléans and the coven.  After protesting, Myrtle does convince her that staying is certain death at the hands of Fiona and that she and Kyle will be better off away from the coven.  The last scene ends with the couple on a bus to Orlando.  Sadly, I don’t think they make and head back to the coven which I guess makes sense if Zoe is potentially the next Supreme.  I’m sorry to say it but both of these characters are weak and boring in my opinion.


Queenie returns to the coven after being left for dead by Marie after Hank’s shooting spree.  She is pissed and not alone.  Queenie has put Madame Lalaurie back together and is dragging her around on a leash.  As far where her rage is focused, Queenie is mad at Marie for leaving her for dead, she’s angry with Cordelia for marrying Hank and seems to hold her responsible for the shooting.  She is very mean to Delia who is already fragile from her Mother’s tirade last week, telling her it is also her fault that Nan is dead and Misty is missing.  What happens next doesn’t really come as a surprise.


Poor Delia has been through hell and is definitely not feeling wanted by anyone other than Myrtle.  After losing her second sight and finding out that Hank is a witch hunter, Delia is feeling useless, thanks also to Fiona and Queenie berating her.  How does she think she can make herself useful…by getting the second sight back.  I knew she was going to blind herself again but I didn’t know she was going to use garden shears to do it.  Ouch.  Now we’ll have to wait and see if it worked.


While Zoe and Kyle are running off and Cordelia is mutilating herself, Delphine who has resumed her place as maid in the coven, is longing for the good old days when she was the master and not servant.  We get some flashbacks to her first taste of blood after arriving in New Orleans from Paris.  She is longing to fulfill her bloodlust and does so when the gardener cuts himself and she offers to help him.  Delphine proceeds to take the man to Spalding’s attic and torture and kill him. Much to her surprise, Spalding shows up and tells Delphine that he knows how to kill Marie but first she must bring him….a doll (he is so weird) which she does and he gives Delphine the magic pills that will render Marie mortal and killable – Benadryl.  Needless to say, the pills don’t work but I will get to that in a moment.


First, let’s see what Fiona has been up to.  She is back in the Axeman’s bed and is happier than ever with the man she loves and she has found a powerful ally in Marie who will help kill the coven and protect her position.  It’s just the pesky Organization that is interfering with her remaining the ultimate witch.  Fiona and Marie agree to meet with the Organization to come to terms and halt the bloodshed and the financial ruin that the witches have caused them.  The Organization is in for a surprise when the Axeman starts swinging, killing all the big wigs of the Organization.  Hank’s father is the last to die but warns Fiona that the rest of the Organization will come after them.

AHS Coven

After the bloody afternoon, Marie is celebrating and Delphine slips some of the antihistamine into her drink.  Once Marie is loopy, Delphine stabs her in the heart and is unpleasantly surprised that the voodoo queen is still immortal.  Marie chases Delphine but Spalding shows up and pushes her down the stairs.  What is Delphine to do with a pissed off immortal?  Spalding suggests she buries the voodoo queen somewhere she will never be able to escape.   And now Spalding has a real baby.  I forgot about the baby Marie kidnapped from the hospital to be the sacrifice for Papa Legba.  I’m thinking maybe the sacrifice would have been a mercy instead of the being a live doll for the crazy ghost Spalding.

Final Thoughts:  Overall, this episode was merely alright.  Not spectacular but full of violence and blood and lacking any real scares.  I’m kind of glad there are only 2 episodes as it seems that the time has come for it to end and to answer the question of who will be the Supreme or Supremes.


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