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American Horror Story Coven: The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks

AHS Coven

Oh my, it has been awhile but AHS is back with Episode 10, leaving only 3 left for this season.  And how did we progress this week?


As you can guess, Stevie Nicks is in this episode.  While some people are all a flutter, I didn’t care for the cameo.  I realize that she is the inspiration for Misty Day but I could have done without the musical interludes.  Anyway, there is speculation that Misty is the new Supreme even though Nan and Madison have displayed new and improved powers that would make one think that one of them might be the new Supreme.


Madison is pissed that Misty is getting all the attention and being toted as the new queen bitch even though she has not gone through the 7 wonders yet.  The pair decide to follow a funeral procession and end up in the cemetery where Madison shows Misty that she is not the only one with the power of resurgence.  Madison resurrects a man who go a wondering while the girls have a heart to heart.  Earlier in the episode, Stevie Nicks made her appearance as the White Witch, singing some songs and gave Misty her shawl.  While in the cemetery, Madison convinces Misty to stop being an imitation of Stevie and to toss the shawl into vacated casket.  Silly Misty ends up getting knocked out by Madison and buried in a mausoleum.  One would think that the Supreme or even a witch with her power won’t be kept in there long and Misty may be back with a vengeance to retrieve her shawl that Madison stole or just to, you know, kill the bitch.


So if there is a possibility of Madison and Misty being the new Supreme but what about the other girls?  Zoe hasn’t really contributed anything in a while other than killing Spalding and fucking Kyle, so I’m not sure what her future holds but if the events of this episode are a fortune-teller, death is in the future or maybe she is the Supreme and just keeping it hidden.  That leaves Nan as it is presumed that Queenie is dead after Hank’s assault on the voodoos.  Nan is still hot for neighbor boy Luke but is angry and devastated when she finds out he is dead.  Given Nan’s abilities, she is able to discover that his Mother, Joan, killed him.  Nan gets her revenge by forcing her to drink bleach, to ‘cleanse’ herself.  When I say she forced her to do it, I mean she used her new telekinetic powers to hold Zoe back and to take control of Joan’s body.  These witches are nasty. Nan’s new-found rage and power don’t last long as she pisses off Marie Laveau but I will get to that in a moment as it ties in with the storyline for the Voodoo Queen and the Supreme.

Marie-and-FionaAnd what have Fiona and Marie been up to this week.  Well, they are now best friends so much so that Marie shares with Fiona how she became immortal.  She summoned Papa Legba and traded her soul, and her newborn baby, for immortality. Every year on the anniversary of her becoming immortal, she must pay Papa Legba for the gift he gave her and the price is an innocent soul.  Fiona is ok with that price and willingly to sacrifice her daughter to stop aging and stop dying.  I must note here that Fiona is pissed at Cordelia for letting Hank into the coven and by extension making them vulnerable to the Organization.  So Fiona is only too willing to kill Cordelia for her oversight.  Cordelia is shattered and feeling very sorry for herself.  I wonder how she will get Fiona’s forgiveness.  It’s not by being sacrificed to Papa Legba.  He answers Fiona’s summons but breaks the deal when he discovers she has no soul.  Huh.  Kind of makes sense given all the sins she has committed.  This pisses her because now she is still dying, still aging and still going to be dethroned as Supreme.  Solution?  Kill all the would be Supremes.  After Nan finds Marie’s sacrifice to Papa Legba (a new-born baby), Marie and Fiona decide that the baby should live and Nan can be this year’s innocent sacrifice.  Papa Legba shows up after they drown Nan and says, she wasn’t innocent, Fiona convinces him that she was close enough and Papa and Nan wonder into the underworld together.

Papa Legba

Final Thoughts: This episode was alright but it certainly wasn’t one of the best.  It felt like there was too much filler and only about 20 minutes of interesting storytelling.  Watching Cordelia hate herself and Myrtle play that creepy instrument was boring and they could have done without the musical stylings of Stevie Nicks. Watching Marie and Fiona team up was good as the evilness flowed through and Papa Legba was pretty friggin’ cool.  I wasn’t surprised Nan died or that Madison is jealous of Misty.  I am seriously wondering if they are all somehow the new Supreme given that they have shown varied powers that the Supreme possess.  I guess we’ll find out in 3 episodes.


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