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American Horror Story Coven: The Dead


So what’s the haps with the Salem Witches of New Orleans….threesomes, murder, Cordelia sees the truth about her mother, the Axeman cometh indeed and Queenie finds her way.

Yeah there’s SPOILERS


Madison, once the party girl, is now full on goth angst as she struggles with the repercussions of being resurrected.  She can’t feel anything anymore and is empty and lost but don’t fret, she finds a way to cope,  Where is Kyle…oh there he is still chained up in the greenhouse and Zoe is going to try to kill him again. Or not.  After he very easily gets the gun away from her, he is going to shoot himself but Zoe stops him. Whatever.  Oh, right I was talking about Madison and how she finds feeling again; by fucking Kyle of course.  FrakenKyle doesn’t object but Zoe seems to have a little issue with it when she walks in on them.  Oops.


What is Zoe’s reaction to finding her zombie crush with her reanimated sister witch? Murder.  Zoe was able to give Spalding back his tongue, which was being kept magically preserved with a spell done by Myrtle Snow but the red-haired witch wasn’t strong enough to complete the spell to put it back in Spalding -Zoe is though.  She gets him to confess that it was Fiona that killed Madison and she stabs and kills him. Damn that Zoe is turning into a mini Fiona.  And how does she cope with committing murder?  She doesn’t seem phased by it at all.  She is more taken aback when Madison tells her that if she has sex with Kyle it probably won’t kill him because he’s already dead.  And just for good measure, Madison will join in.


Seriously, where are all the adults that are supposed to watching or and teaching these girls?  After Hank drunk dials Cordelia, she finds Madison in the house and when Madison touches her,  Cordelia sees Fiona killing the girl.  The claws come out as Cordelia enlists Zoe’s help in a witch hunt to kill Fiona. The Supreme is otherwise engaged this week banging the Axeman after consuming many drinks and after he confesses that he has watched her since she was young girl in the house. Creepy.  I’m not sure what the angle is here but maybe with Cordelia plotting to kill Fiona, the Axeman is going to help the Supreme keep her throne and maybe Hank will show up with his arsenal and help Cordelia.  I think Hank actually loves her and won’t try to kill her.  I don’t know, I’m just making this up as I go.


Lastly, we have Queenie who continues to bond with Delphine LaLaurie.  The two are obviously an unlikely pair but for some reason Queenie is feeling like an outcast from the pretty white witches.  After a late night burger run, Queenie decides to head over to Marie Laveau who welcomes her and tells the young witch she can apart of team voodoo, where she belongs but she must prove herself first by bringing Delphine to the voodoo queen.  There is hesitation until Delphine tells Queenie the worst thing she ever did.  Killing the newborn son of a slave her husband was screwing (raping more likely) leading to the young woman’s suicide.  That’s, that.  Queenie manipulates Delphine to Marie’s hair salon, puts her in a cage and then torture ensues.  The final scene is of Marie painting her face with blood, just like Delphine did with the infant’s blood.


Final Thoughts:  First off, where was Nan this episode? Maybe being nurse to the injured neighbour boy and why hasn’t his mother come storming to the house in search of him?  There was also no Misty Day or Myrtle Snow buried in dirt.  I’m sure this will be coming.  This wasn’t a perfect episode but there was some further character development, for Zoe at least.  Not the zombie threesome but with her killing Spalding and Cordelia confiding in her about her plans to kill Fiona.  I was kind of expecting Hank to storm the coven but we only had a brief view of what he plans to use to wipe out the witches.  The Queenie stuff seems to have come out of nowhere with her feelings of alienation from the others but I’m glad she went Marie Laveau and think she could be a very powerful witch/voodoo guru.  Enough with FrankenKyle.  I don’t like his story or that Madison is now apart of it.  And the Axeman.  I thought the prolonged scene of him and Fiona was kind of dull but I am interested to see how he will play into the events for the remainder of the season. Perhaps the only ally for Fiona.


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