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American Horror Story Coven: The Axeman Cometh



Oh look, more American Horror Story Coven.  This week, the corpse is out of the toy chest (Madison), Hank’s true motives are revealed, Misty Day saunters to the coven and Zoe unleashes the Axeman of New Orleans into the world again.

We begin with Zoe finding a box hidden in the closet with a bunch of stuff from the previous coven members and an Ouija board.  She is convinced Madison led her to it and decides to bully Nan and Queenie (witch up, she tells them) into contacting Madison who they only guess is dead.  They do contact someone but it is not Madison, it is the Axeman of New Orleans.  In 1918-1919, this psycho terrorized and killed people in New Orleans but would spare those that played jazz because I guess he liked jazz.  Anyway, this is a real serial killer that did stop his killing spree in 1919 and American Horror Story has fictionalized his disappeared, supposing that he attacked the coven and they retaliated by stabbing him to death, leaving his spirit trapped in Cordelia’s room.  Oops.  Zoe makes a deal with the Axeman through the Ouija board, saying she will free him if he tells her where Madison is and he does but she doesn’t.


Zoe finds Madison in Spalding’s toy chest, minus an arm, and is attacked by him, or not.  She smashes a doll over his head and the three young witches tie him up, torture him and try to find who killed Madison.  He thinks a creepy story to Nan about wanting to…I can’t repeat it, it’s too sick but he says he killed her to be with her.  Zoe doesn’t seem convinced so she goes to retrieve Misty Day to bring Madison back to life and look, that’s where Kyle disappeared to but he has trashed Misty’s house and is now chained up in the greenhouse while Misty revives Madison, arm reattached.  Zoe is going to have a lot to explain to Fiona.


While the girls are talking to evil ghosts and reviving dead playthings, Cordelia has come home and confronts Hank about what she saw, kicking him out of the house and her life.  Fiona is thrilled but Cordelia then sees Myrtle’s death when her mother touches her and is crushed.  Fiona leaves to get some chemo therapy and Cordelia meets the Axeman.  Even though she is blind, she can see him.  Maybe something to do with her second sight?  He is pissed that Zoe hasn’t released him and attacks Cordelia.  Zoe finally finds a spell and the killer is free from the house and back on the streets of New Orleans where he encounters Fiona in a bar and I think love is about to blossom. 


Finally, the Hank revelation.  After Cordelia sees him with the redhead, he goes to Marie Laveau and we find out that he is a witch hunter that she has put in the house with the Salem witches using Cordelia to get him inside for the past 6 years.  Over that time, he has killed a bunch of witches that he found through Cordelia, including the redhead, Kayley who turned away from the coven and rejected her power.  Marie wants the Salem witches wiped out and she wants Hank to finish them all now.


Final Thoughts: Another very good episode.  Again, I could do without FrankenKyle but overall the episode continued to develop the stories, tossing in a new angle for Fiona with the Axeman hitting on her.  It will be interesting to see how Fiona reacts when she finds out that Madison is alive and how Madison reacts when remembers how she died.  I have a feeling that blind Cordelia is going to a new force to be reckoned with and Hank is messing with witches and power that he and Marie are not prepared for. 


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