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The Conjuring (2013)


NO Spoilers

The Gist:  Based on true events, The Conjuring tells the tale of one of the most malevolent demonic possessions that famed demonologist, Ed Warren and his clairvoyant wife, Lorraine Warren, ever faced.  In 1971, Roger and Carolyn Perron moved into an old farmhouse with their 5 daughters only to quickly become victims of an unseen and dangerous force.  Carolyn seeks out the Warrens and the investigation and race to save the family from a demonic entity ensues.

Supernatural Saviours &  Frightened Families:  Vera Farmiga (Lorraine Warren), Patrick Wilson (Ed Warren), Lili Taylor (Carolyn Perron), Ron Livingston (Roger Perron), Shannon Kook (Drew), John Brotherton (Brad)


My Take: Demonic possession and hauntings scare and interest me and I thoroughly enjoy a good old-fashioned, well told ghost story.  I first heard of Lorraine Warren after watching the A&E show Paranormal State and was intrigued by this woman and her husband who have made a living surrounding their lives with all things paranormal and confronting evil and demonic forces.  The movie starts out with a flashback to 1968 and the Warrens telling an auditorium of people about the Annabelle case –a incident in which a really creepy looking doll was possessed and terrorizing a pair of young women.  We then see the Warrens locked room of haunted objects, which they have in their home with their young daughter.  Yes it’s locked but still, telling an 8-year-old not to go somewhere forbidden is kind of pointless.


We then meet the Perron family: parents Roger and Carolyn and their 5 daughters Andrea, Nancy, Christine, Cindy and April.  Carolyn soon starts waking up with bruises all over her body; Cindy is sleepwalking and bashing her head against an old armoire in Andrea’s room and something is pulling Christine’s leg at night.  The attacks seem concentrated on Carolyn and the girls and the history of the house makes this evident as the horrific past is discovered by Warrens.


The acting in this flick is quite good with Vera Farmiga as Lorraine and Lili Taylor putting on a good show as the mother and target of the demon.  There is also a cameo by Lorraine Warren seen when the Warrens are hosting the lecture which Carolyn is attending.  Mrs. Warren can be seen as one of the people in the lecture hall.  I’m sure the incident with the Perron family was dramatized for the movie and it’s your call on whether or not this actually happened but don’t go in expecting to be convinced that the events happened as told.  This maybe based on a true story but in the end, it’s a Hollywood movie and it can be difficult to accept it as fact, not fiction.


Final Thoughts: It takes a lot to unsettle me but this movie had some good scares and a creepy atmosphere.  Of course that could have been because I watched this alone in my house with the drapes closed. I enjoy a movie that can make you feel as if you are being watched and make you jumpy at every little creek and sound in the house.  For me, movies like The Conjuring and Sinister are far scarier than movies that are violent for violence sake or torture porn.  Whether or not you believe in demonic possession and the paranormal, I highly recommend this flick for its atmosphere and story.


3 comments on “The Conjuring (2013)

  1. theipc
    November 5, 2013

    This movie is fantastic! I’m glad you enjoyed it too : )


    • Denise
      November 6, 2013

      I agree, it was great. I’m just sorry I waited so long to see it.



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