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American Horror Story Coven: Fearful Pranks Ensue


Well, the past weeks episode was quite enjoyable and evolved more of the characters. We meet the witches council, get a WTF moment from Cordelia’s husband and Spalding is all kinds of creepy.


When we last saw Queenie she was in a compromising position with the Minotaur.  After Fiona gets Spalding to clean up her latest attempt to remain Supreme, she heads to the greenhouse and finds the young witch bleeding and near death.  Well, she does die after Fiona and Cordelia get here back into the house but Fiona breaths her lifeforce into Queenie and revives her.  Don’t worry Queenie is back to herself with such lines as “Madison Montgomery is a stone-cold bitch who loves hard drinking, big dicks and trouble” and “If she’s dead, it’s probably ’cause she got wasted and offered the Grim Reaper a hand job or something.”  Love Queenie.  Quickly divert to Zoe and Kyle after he killed his mother.  Zoe is not sure what to do so she poisons his food but when she goes back, he is gone.  No Misty Day this week but I think maybe that is where Kyle has gone.


While Cordelia and Fiona are bringing back Queenie, Cordelia tells Fiona that she went to Marie Laveau for help and that she was refused because her mother is stirring up a war between the Salem witches and the Voodoo Queen.  Things go from bad to worse for the witches when the Council arrives in response to a summons from Nan who believes Madison is dead because she can’t “hear” her anymore.  Cordelia makes things worse when she blurts out going to Marie and finding Queenie assaulted in the greenhouse.  We get some flashbacks of Fiona taking her place as Supreme in 1961 and Myrtle Snow (Francis Conroy) trying to prove that Fiona killed the Supreme of that time and in the present, that she killed Madison believing her to be the new Supreme.


These flashbacks also give us insight into Spalding.  Fiona didn’t cut out his tongue, he did it himself because he loves her and wouldn’t betray her murder to the council by spilling the goods; forced to tell the truth due to a spell cast by Myrtle (this is in 1961).  And he likes to wear dresses, have tea parties with dolls and is keeping dead Madison in his room to dress her up like a doll. Speaking of men with secrets, what the hell is up with Cordelia’s husband Hank.  He goes away on contractor’s business but he is really meeting a woman he connected with online to have sex with her or not.  He ends the sweet little moment by shooting her in the head with a silenced gun. Huh?


After Cordelia reveals that Madison was not the Supreme to Fiona, Cordelia is attacked by a mysterious woman in black who tosses acid in her eyes.  And to round out this Halloween episode that was light on Halloween, zombies have been raised and called to Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies.  This is Marie Laveau’s response to Fiona who beheaded the Minotaur, Marie’s lover.  A very wicked ending for the episode.


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