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American Horror Story Asylum: Continuum


Second to last episode for the season.  Time has flown by as the players are either dealing with freedom or the continuing hell of Briarcliff. 

Big shock, contains spoilers

Kit, Alma, Grace and their babies are living as one big happy family.  We pick up a couple of year later with the threesome and the children, Thomas and Julia, who are now toddlers.  Grace is obsessed with the aliens and drawing pictures of them but Alma is not so enthused and wants to erase all memory and any trace of what happened.  Grace makes the situation worse when they argue about their experiences with the creatures.  Grace is treating it like a religious experience while Alma is terrified of them.  This goes too far when Alma says that Grace’s obsession and constant drawings will bring them back; Grace says, good she hopes they come back.  Kit is kind of like yeah, whatever to both of them and seems to just be enjoying his two wives and the vibe of the late 1960’s.  That is until Alma loses it after some of Kit’s old buddies fire bomb their house and scare the shit out of her.  Alma was afraid that the aliens were back and she blames Grace, then proceeds to kill her with an axe to the back.  Oh the irony, Grace being killed by an axe just like she murdered her family. 

Lana has written her Bloody Face book but as she reads a passage at a book signing, it become clear that she has embellished some of the details; well she has downright lied about some of the events including her relationship with Wendy.  She has sold out the truth, given up on closing down Briarcliff and is enjoying her new life as a moderately famous true crime writer.  She tells Kit, who attends the signing, that she is writing a book about Leigh Emmerson a.k.a Santa and his killing spree.  Kit is not impressed that she has given up on her pursuit to close Briarcliff.  He goes on to tell her Jude is still locked up and he has seen her.  This does not persuade Lana into action and she goes back her writing life.


How did Kit see Jude?  Good question.  Let’s start with what events have transpired at the asylum.  It’s a couple of years later and Jude is out of solitary (I think it’s suppose to be 1968 or 1966 but the timeline gets muddy with the crazies) and her and Pepper are now good friends and just trying to live their lives as best they can.  Monsignor Howard comes to Jude to let her know he has been appointed Cardinal of New York but he won’t forget about her and will get her out. Yeah right.  After he leaves, Briarcliff is signed over to the state and with this change prisoners are transferred to the asylum including Alma.  Kit goes to Briarcliff after Alma dies and among the prisoners and patients doing all kinds of vile things, he sees Jude in the rec room but soon realizes that she is lost.

And is she ever.  After the prisoners are brought to Briarcliff, Jude’s new roommate is none other than the angel of death.  At least that is what Jude is seeing.  The roommate is really some psychotic chick who wants to get down and dirty with her.  After Jude attacks the roommate, we cut to her looking pretty rough and confined to a straight jacket.  As she tells the administrator that Timothy is getting her out of Briarcliff, Jude finds out that 2 years have passed since he left and Pepper is dead.  She has truly succumbed to the madness of the place she once ruled.


Closing out this week is good ol Johnny.  He is in pursuit of his Mother’s book and goes to the bookshop where Lana had done the reading 48ish years earlier.  The owner says she has one autographed copy and won’t sell it to him.  Johnny quickly changes her mind as he tells her who he is and what he plans to do to Lana.  The threat of violence is enough to get her to give him the book. 

And there we are.  One more episode for American Horror Story Asylum left.  Is Johnny going to get his revenge on Lana?  Will Lana and Kit save Jude?  We shall see.


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