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American Horror Story Asylum: Madness Ends


The conclusion of American Horror Story Asylum has come and gone.  Let’s do a brief recap of the finale and an overview of the season.


So here we are with Madness ends.   The episode is told with Lana giving an interview in modern times before receiving some honour for her achievements.  She moved on from writing to television in the 1970’s, doing hard-hitting investigative reports including an exposé on Briarcliff which closed it down and led to the suicide of Cardinal Timothy Howard.  There’s a sequence as she is telling her tale where recalls rescuing Jude but then says that was what should have happened.  Jude was gone by the time she got there but the expose did put an end to the asylum.


While filming the asylum Lana discovered among all the filth and deplorable conditions a file on Betty Drake who had been released into the care of Kit Walker.  Being the cleaver journalist that she is, Lana realizes that this was actually Jude and goes to Kit, with her camera crew but he refuses to speak on camera.  Kit admits that yes, he took Jude into his home and while it was rough at first, the kids helped Jude regain some sense of sanity (aliens kids took her into the woods) before she died 6 months later.  The last scene with Jude is her getting a bit  smooch from the Dark Angel.  Kit presumably died 20ish years later of cancer but no one knows what really happened to him as he just disappeared without a trace.  Aliens again.


As for the rest of episode, Lana comes clean on camera that the baby of Bloody Face did not die but is alive and she saw him when he was a boy.  She even had moments when she wanted to try to be his Mother but couldn’t do it.  This confession is followed with the final confrontation between Johnny and Lana.  He made his way into her apartment as part of the film crew and hide until they were all gone.  Johnny lashes out, sticking a gun in her face but she talks him down, calls him baby and takes the gun away.  Then shoots him in the head just as she did to Oliver.  Seriously that was all for the episode, tying up the story lines.  No revelations or clever twists.  One part I did like was Johnny in the asylum and his attack on the honeymooners which gave us his perspective of that scene.  In some ways I liked how they wrapped up all the lives of the characters but in other ways, it was just too neat and tidy and dull.  


Series Final Thoughts: I was quite disappointed with this season because it didn’t flow for me, diverting between psychos, demons, zombies, Nazis and extraterrestrials.  The aliens and Kit, what was the point other than to use the aliens for a story line that was lack luster and just didn’t work.  Fine, accuse Kit of being Bloody Face to get him into the asylum and detract from Oliver but really, the whole thing was kind of silly and not interesting at all and there was just no real reasoning or explanation for why he was chosen.  I liked the demon possession and the conflict between Jude and Arden; I liked the Bloody Face story line and Dylan McDermott was very good as the psycho boy with Mommy issues.  

Between Arden’s zombies, evil Nuns, and aliens, there was too much that could have been interesting and was not fully developed and it went in too many directions. I feel it would have been better taking out at one least element (are you sick of me saying I don’t like the aliens) and it would have been better.  That being said, I will defiantly be looking forward to Season 3 with the return of Taissa Farmiga.  One disappointing season doesn’t ruin a series.  The Walking Dead is good example of that. I would recommend watching Season 1 again to get your fix.  Much more enjoyable if you don’t mind good old fashion ghosts. 


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