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Here it is, the obligatory end of the old year, beginning of the new year post.  Like anyone during any time, there was good and bad. Finally, I got to see Rammstein live and it was bloody awesome.  A great way to spend Mother’s Day.  With the bad career move now passed, I have more focus than ever on writing.

The writing.  This year I finally finished my first novel after 2 years of procrastinating and fearing to tell the tale.  Now I’m tackling the editing process and have started the second book for this tale.  I have also self-published a short story via Smashwords.com and it is available on various other platforms (shameless plug).  Make Me Bad on Kobo and Smashwords.com.  My new plan to get writing more often and actually finish the various tales in progress, is to remove myself from distraction (spend a couple of hours here and there away from home) and change certain aspects of my daily life to allow more time to write.  Too much wasted time during the day.  Focus, focus, focus.


I’ll focus like this guy, only without the facial hair

But the bigger part of my writing this year has been here, reviewing and sharing my opinions on all manner of media.  Well, movies and T.V. mostly but still, it’s writing and I like to think that it is helping to improve my abilities.  With my increased blog activity has come increased exposure and confidence in establishing my voice.  I am truly pleased that so many people have chosen to read what I have to say and give feedback and recognition.   It encourages and inspires me to keep working on my words.

Resolutions?  I don’t really believe that it works to set these goals once year but perhaps my mantra should be: read, write, live.  Make the changes that I want for myself and not stay on a path that I’m suppose to follow because it’s the norm.

Goals: Write, edit, publish and repeat.  Maybe take a trip to New Orléans for World Horror Con or just enjoy the mainland for couple of concerts.

Cheers to the year ahead, happy 2013 to all and I look forward to continuing to entertain those who believe in what I’m doing.


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