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Rammstein – Concert Review (Contains Naughty Words)

Ah Mother’s Day…Sunday brunch, flowers and columns of fire shooting into the air, explosions, phallic imagery and rib pounding German heavy metal.  Hell yeah.  That is how I spent my Mother’s day. My daughter and I headed to Vancouver for shopping at our favourite stores followed by Rammstein at Rogers Arena.  I have been to a lot of concerts – Ozzfest, Sounds of the Underground, dozens of others such as Cannibal Corpse, The Tea Party, Slayer, Slipknot, Rob Zombie (2), Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson (2), Cradle of Filth (3) and of course the previous winners for the best live show, Iron Maiden (3).  But this, this was the ultimate concert for me.  I have listened to Rammstein since I first heard one of their songs on the Lost Highway soundtrack back in 1997 and quickly bought their first couple of albums and continue to do so. Rammstein has come a long way from humble roots to world-wide fame and they show their appreciation for the fans who have helped their rise to stardom.

The Merch: Of course the first place you go once you get into a venue is the merch table.  They didn’t have as much as I thought but it was good.  I don’t think I’ve spent so much on gear at a concert before, but hey, it’s Rammstein.  I bought my first purple piece of clothing and a tour shirt.  I was disappointed they did not have the white and gold Made In Germany line but all in all, it was good stuff.

The Show: This band knows how to entertain and gives the audience what they have paid for.  They played for about 3 action and flame filled hours.  There was no opening band, which I have never seen before, but rather a DJ remixing their well-known songs with a back drop of videos flashing in seizure inducing clips.  I’m not one who likes remixes or that electronic type of music but this was ok.  I felt he went on too long but the concert transitioned directly from him to the band’s entrance, which was spectacular.

They entered from one of the side doors, walking down the aisle among the crowd, stopping at a platform before proceeding down an industrial walkway to the stage. Oli was carrying a torch, Flake carrying a BC flag and Til had a Rammstein flag. Plus, there were maple leaves falling from the ceiling.  The opening song was Sonne and they played all of their big hits and well-known songs from the past 16 years.  This included 2 encores.  Fabulous.  Engel was particularly amazing as Til wore metal angel wings that opened and shot fire from the tips.  And speaking of fire and shooting flames, wow.  Bursts of fire and mini rockets shooting from the roof to the stage, Til covered in a shower of fiery sparklers…how can you not be amazed.  You could feel the heat from the flames and we were two sections away from the stage, halfway up the section.  Of course they did Mein Teil and did the whole act.  Til with his butcher’s apron, hat and big knife stalking Flake in a giant metal cauldron, then shooting a flamethrower at it with Flake still inside and explosions going off under the cauldron.

Another highlight was when the band performed several songs on a small platform in the centre of the arena.  The view was perfect since it was right in front of us. Buck Dich was as fun as I have seen it in videos.  Til strapped on a dildo and sprayed the audience and the band with…water?  The show was amazing and the theatrics were fantastic.  The concert closed with the song Pussy.  Til got on a giant penis cannon and rode it around in front of the stage, shooting out white foam.  I wonder if there was something implied there  – the song was Pussy, phallic imagery….nah.  After the performance, the band gathered on stage and knelt before the screaming audience, showing their appreciation for the fans.  Til bid farewell with “We fucking love Canada, thank you Vancouver” and bowed again.  Richard (oh my, he is just as hot IRL as he is in his pictures/videos) did the same bowing and showing his appreciation for the fans.

Was it really that good: Hell yeah.  Even though the band sings 99% in German, I know the songs so well that I don’t even notice it.  The visual part of the show was amazing and like nothing I’ve seen before with rockets firing at the stage and all the fire.  But not only was it a visually stunning show, the sound was nearly perfect.  They sound amazing live which isn’t always the case with live music.  All and all, this was the best concert I have seen and if I ever get the opportunity to see them again, I will be there.

4 comments on “Rammstein – Concert Review (Contains Naughty Words)

  1. Beau Pasutti
    May 14, 2012

    Better than Maiden? LIES!!!!


    • Dawning
      May 15, 2012

      It’s a close call Mein Frog but Rammstein wins. More fire! More explosions!


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