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The Good, The Bad and The Meh – 2012 Movie Recap

Updated: Two new flicks including Sinister under the good and John Dies At The End under the meh; reviews fortcoming.  Here is my 2012 list of the movies (released in 2012) that made an impression, movies that are worthy of watching for free (meh) and movies that were bad. Click the titles for full reviews where applicable.

 hemsworth shirtless cabin

The Cabin in the Woods (April 13, 2012) Alright, I have heaped plenty of praise on this movie for its unique and fun approach to the horror film.  And really, you can never go wrong with a shirtless Chris Hemsworth.

The Avengers (May 4, 2012) Oh, look another Hemsworth movie but really this one has merit because it brought together some very cool superheroes.  Even though it came in at over 2 hours, I still felt like some of the characters didn’t get as much attention as they deserved.


The Grey (January 27, 2012) The new action hero who is just so lovable, Liam Neesom battles the frigid Alaska wild and a pack of deadly (but somewhat poorly CGI) wolves.  The crash scene was great and Neesom’s fight for survival and the devastating ending, made this a great movie.

Looper – (September 28, 2012) I liked Looper because it was different and Joseph Gordon Levitt is really good in it and my only real complaint, it was too long.  I think something like this could make a good mini-series to expand the story and characters without having to sit in a movie theatre for over 2 hours.  I have a short attention span.

The Hobbit (December 14, 2012) Return to Middle Earth.  Yay!  Well, it was kind of a let down as it seemed more geared to children and didn’t have the same intensity or deep characters that LOTR had.

The Tall Man (September 5, 2012) Not what I was expecting since I thought it was a horror movie but a very good suspense flick with interesting twists.

Dredd (September 21, 2012) I liked it.  Dialogue was pretty scarce and Dredd’s lines were so bad they were good.  Bloody good action but not enough visually stimulating shots of Karl Urban.

Sinister (October 12, 2012) I heard both positive and negative things about this movie and I’m coming out on the positive side. It had shades of Insidious but Sinister was more of a true horror flick where as Insidious had comic relief and a more fairy tale villain. This movie had some good scares, an interesting story and a good performance by Ethan Hawke.

magic mike[3]

Magic Mike (June 29, 2012)– Meh – I had hopes that this movie was not only going to have beautiful scenery (which it did) but also have a pretty good story.  The story was nothing special and actually felt somewhat hollow and lacking…something like decent dialogue.  But really, who is watching it for depth of character and witty repertoire.

The Innkeepers (April 25, 2012) – Meh – Another movie that I had high hopes for but again, it fell flat and I think it was because of Sarah Paxton’s performance.  She was just so annoying.  That being said, I had a similar feeling toward Ti West’s first flick, House of the Devil but enjoyed that way more after a second viewing. It didn’t help that I had gone through the worst birthday that day with work, so I wasn’t really focused on a movie.  I will defiantly have to give it another try.


Goon (February 24, 2012)– Meh – Hockey movie!  What the hell is hockey?  Oh, this was a movie about minor league hockey, at least that is still around.  Jay Baruchel wrote and starred in this flick about a hockey player who is an enforcer and embraces that moniker in full, brutal glory.

The Hunger Games (March 23, 2012)– Meh – I actually enjoyed this movie.  I tried to read the first chapter of the book and couldn’t do it because of the writing but the movie was fun to watch even though it was nothing spectacular and again, too long.  I’m just not sure what all the hype was about.

John Dies At The End (On Demand) – Meh – Based on the totally bizarre book of the same name, the movie was disappointing but given the content -murderous meat man, dog driving a truck and bratwurst phones – I shouldn’t have been surprised.  The movie meanders but is more coherent than the book but it doesn’t translate to film well.  The humour in the book works but it does not come off as funny, just eye rolling bad in the movie.  The good parts were the serious bits and like most movies from books, the stuff that was cut out was interesting and would have added to the character development.

Total Recall (August 3, 2012) – Bad – I went into this with an open mind and quickly shut down after about 20 minutes.  Seriously, most of the movie is Kate Beckinsale, Colin Farrel and Jessica Biel running around then talking breathlessly…even when sitting down!

Batman The Dark Knight Rises (July 20, 2012)– Bad – I don’t get all the hype and praise this flick received. The story was dull and uninspired, the action scenes were weak and Batman was barely in it.  Check out this review on Red Letter Media.

TwixtBad – I didn’t even finish this movie it was so bad.  It looked like an old 1990’s computer games with the actors being super imposed on a green screen with a bad background (ala The 7th Guest).  It was terrible.

Prometheus (June 8, 2012)– Bad – Again, I just don’t get it.  So much hype and it was so boring.  And why the hell did Idris Elba have a really bad American accent?  He is British and the other actors in the movie had British accents, so why did they give him that god awful mash-up of an accent.




2 comments on “The Good, The Bad and The Meh – 2012 Movie Recap

  1. Tyson Carter
    December 30, 2012

    Agree with a lot of your categorising there! 🙂 Twixt, damn what a weird movie that was


    • Dawning
      December 30, 2012

      Thanks. Yeah, I just didn’t like the way Twixt was done. Elle Fanning’s character looked cool though.


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