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American Horror Story Asylum: I Am Anne Frank Pt. 2

Spoilers here within

I rather enjoyed this week’s episode.  Where to start… Anne Frank is not Anne Frank, her name is Charlotte and she is suffering from severe PPD.  Her husband arrives at Briarcliff, explains it and takes her home.  The revelation crushes Jude who believed Anne and what she said about Arden being a SS doctor; she even hired a Nazi hunter to get the truth about him.  Add to this, Arden’s proclamation that he is going to tell Monsignor Howard how she allowed a patient to get a gun and shoot him.

Poor Jude is devastated and heads out for a night on the town, waking up in a strange man’s bed. Charlotte ends up back at Briarcliff and Jude leaves her in Arden’s care.  His cure for PPD –a lobotomy.  She is “cured” and is now the happy housewife.  Charlotte had collected newspaper clippings in her den on the Nazis and as the camera pans out of her happy home, we see a picture of Arden with Hitler.  While she wasn’t Anne Frank, she knew she had seen Arden as a Nazi.

Speaking of Arden and his nasty procedures, the last time we saw Shelly, she was in a room in his lab but when the police arrive and investigate, she is gone.  Sister Mary Eunice saved his ass by disposing of Shelly in the woods she said.  Arden and Sister M.E. chat about loyalty and working together to realize his goals.  As for poor mutant Shelly, she is in a stairwell at an elementary school and scares the shit out the kids and teacher.  Nothing else is shown about this but I’m pretty sure this would make the news.

Kit and Grace are waiting to be sterilized but Sister M.E. tells Kit he has been given a reprieve but not Grace.  While in solitary, the aliens return and take her.  On the spaceship, she meets Alma, who is pregnant and is then returned just as Kit is being arrested for confessing to the murders.  A taped confession I might add, set up by Dr. Thredson who had him admit to it on tape as a form of therapy.  The reason for the taped confession follows.

Oh Oliver, what have you done?  Thredson sneaks Lana out of the asylum and they head to his house to lay low until the morning when they will go to the police.  Or not.  I knew there was something off about him and sure enough, he is Bloody Face.  I’m not sure what his plan is for Lana but at one point, he says he wants her tell his story.  First she noticed his lamp.  Huh, kind of looks like skin, are those nipples?  Mint?  Huh, is that a skull holding those candies?  After being dropped into a cellar of torture and chained to the floor, Lana is reunited with Wendy who has been frozen since she disappeared and is good and dead.  Oliver wants Lana to continue the aversion therapy and give Wendy a kiss.

“Don’t worry, she won’t bite.” He puts on his Bloody Face mask “I’ve taken her teeth.” And a nice shot of the teeth in the mask.

Final Thoughts: I enjoyed this episode because it moved forward with the Bloody Face story line and pushed along Lana and Oliver’s stories too.  Between the aliens and the monsters that Arden is creating, it’s a bit too much.  I think if the alien aspect of the show was taken out and more focus was put on Arden, Sister Mary Eunice, Sister Jude and Bloody Face, the show would be more engaging.  All in all this was a pretty enjoyable episode and I rather enjoyed watching Sister Jude break down and abandon hope.  The camera work in this one was somewhat different.  Strange angles and the general oddness of the how the scenes were filmed.  I found the music playing during Charlotte’s flashbacks odd.  And speaking of music, I have that damn song that is played in the rec room stuck in my head again.  Curses to singing French nuns!

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