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The Walking Dead: Say The Word

Spoilers Within

Ironic title since Rick only says one word and it’s at the end of the episode.  The aftermath of the Walkers being released into the prison is traumatizing the survivors and there’s a party in Woodbury.  Take a tip from Michonne, don’t smile or enjoy yourself unless you’re killing Walkers.

The aftermath of 3 survivors dying and the birth of baby Grimes (I’ll call her Grimey) has rocked the survivors of the prison.  Rick is, as predicted, off the rails with grief and I would wager regret at how he shut out Lori near the end of her life.  He goes AWOL from being leader and does a hell of a job at clearing out the prison.  Glenn takes the time to dig 3 graves for the dead group members: Lori (no actual body) T-Dog and Carol.  Now this Carol thing irks me.  They never show a body, not in the last episode nor in this one but they still have a grave.  Did they find her body or just bury the rag she had on her head? Watching the Talking Dead last night, Greg Nicotero seemed to make it clear that Carol is dead: “They had 2 graves.  One was empty. Lori’s.” ???? I hope she doesn’t pop up at the mid-season finale.  Glenn also takes time to reminisce about how great and selfless T-Dog was and the things he did when the outbreak first happened.  Ok, that was never something we as the viewer were privy to until Glenn says it in Season 3, post T-Dog. Glenn also says to Hershel that he wishes they had killed all the prisoners on site.  A sentiment I’m sure Rick and the others are echoing.  To be fair, Axel and Oscar are stepping up to help the group in the wake of the tragedies and the new life in the prison.

New life.  Baby Grimey is healthy but she’s gonna need food and I don’t think anyone has the ability to give sustenance.  Daryl and Maggie head off in search of baby needs and bag a possum and the goods in the process.  Upon returning, Rick is still MIA and Carl is trying to calm his baby sister.  Daryl comes in and takes Grimey who starts to calm down and really becomes content when he feeds her. Ahh…..

Woodbury.  The Governor is having a quiet moment, combing the hair of his dead Biter daughter.  The scene with him and Penny (Penny, Penny, Penny) is somewhat disturbing. Michonne is so done with this happy little town with their cold drinks, music, food and picnic.  What barbarians! Oh wait, the Governor has caged biters for some reason…Nope, she’s done and heads for the gate after a tense encounter with the G man.  I feel like Merle is saying something more than open the gate but we’ll see.  Andrea doesn’t want to leave and so she doesn’t but soon enough she questions her decision.  I think it’s the biter fight club that does it.  Merle and Milton beating the shit out of each near a bunch of chained biters.  Now Andrea is unnerved.  But from the preview of next week not enough to leave as she makes out with the Governor.  Poor misguided naïve Andrea.

Prison.  Rick has cut down many, many walkers in his grief and made his way back to where Lori died.  All that is left is the bullet Carl put in her head, bloody bits and the bloated walker off to the side with strands of hair in it’s mouth and on it’s face. I’m a little disgusted at this point but add to that Rick blowing the walkers brains out and going to town on the bloated belly with a knife and eww.

Baby Grimey’s cries echo through the prison, sort of bringing Rick back to himself but it’s the ringing phone that really does it.  “Hello?”

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