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Pinterest -Social Media Addiction Continues

I just joined the virtual pinboard, Pinterest, a  couple of weeks ago and I’ve already spent more time on it than I have spent on Twitter or LinkedIn (but that is for profession use, so not used much).  It’s easy to get mesmerized and addicted to this site because there is so much content and it’s all eye candy.  The content encompasses everything – animals, home decor, flowers, food, entertainment, inspirational sayings and on and on.  Not only can it be used to express yourself and share what you love visually with the world but it can also be used to promote businesses (Pinteresting) and artists of all kinds.  Like most social media, I feel like I’m behind the times but really, it’s one of the most user-friendly social media sites out there.  It’s simply sharing the things that inspire you, make you smile and that you want to share with others.  To become a member of the Pinterest community, you need to sign up for an invitation and wait to receive an email saying, you have been invited to join Pinterest.  It’s a painless process and it’s easy compared to some social media sites.  I’m simple, I like to get to the point and I’m a visually inspired person.  This is a fun, new (to me) social media site and easy to become addicted to but in a good way. Check it out, get addicted, get inspired.  http://pinterest.com/denisepasutti/

One comment on “Pinterest -Social Media Addiction Continues

  1. kwai
    May 11, 2012

    Do you not think this is just another social media site with the same ideas but in a new skin. I agree, Pinterest is awesome for sharing your likes and feelings but I cant help but feel that social media has hit a wall, where there is only one idea and 100 ways to do it. Facebook (when I liked it) was unique, twitter was unique but pinterest and others all seem to be running with the same sharing idea with different methods.

    Maybe I’m wrong but I’m getting a bit tired of social media. And like you say, “It’s easy to get mesmerized and addicted to this site” but is this not what hooks most new users when they start using a social media site?

    I’m not criticising you post, I love it. This is just my rant about the social media cliché.


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