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Best Movies of 2011

Here is my list for what I deem to be the best of 2011 for movies.  From what I have seen that was released this year, this is what I thought to be best.  Here are my 5 picks for 2011 movie releases.

Thor – Chris Hemsworth…what more needs to be said.  Kidding, it was more than just his sweet body that made the movie one of my
best for 2011. This was just a fun and entertaining comic book adapted movie about the Norse god of thunder and his brother Loki.  One of the best things about this movie, aside from Thor and Loki, were the frost giants; they looked freaking cool.  For pure entertainment without anything deeper going on, Thor is a top pick.

Fright Night – Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin – For this one I had my skeptic hat on.  The original 1985 movie was one of the first vampire movies I had ever seen, so a remake caused me to give the disapproving Marge Simpson groan.  However I was pleasantly surprised by this one.  Colin Farrell was so good as the vampire and gave a great performance in his version of Jerry the vampire next door.  Admittedly the new imagining of Charley and Amy were not my favourite and Evil Ed was disappointing but like Thor, it was a fun movie and after getting past the old versus the new, Fright Night was enjoyable.

Black Death – released in 2011 Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne – Dark and depressing and a good watch.  Black Death is set during the first outbreak of the bubonic plague and follows knights and priests on a journey to kill what they believe to be the source of the outbreak – a witch.  Sean Bean is exceptional as always and the story is disturbing and dark.  Underrated and a must watch.

Horrible Bosses – Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey,Colin Farrell, Jason Sudeikis – Another feature with Colin Farrell.  Some people might pick Bridesmaids as a top for 2011 and while it was funny, I found Horrible Bosses to better with a truly comedic cast.

Priest – Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, Maggie Q – This should actually be listed under guilty pleasures because my lord the only redeeming qualities are Paul Bettany, Karl Urban and freaky looking vampires.  The dialogue is just atrocious and the story does not flow well but Karl Urban as a vampire and Paul Bettany thrown in, I can’t pull myself from this train wreck of a movie.

Movies I still want to see from this year and have high hopes of being among the best are Hesher,Stakeland, Straw Dogs and Paranormal Activity 3.  A lot of the movies that I saw this year were released in other years but for me this was about all that I’ve seen that was worth mentioning from 2011.  I found it an underwhelming year for films but I would welcome any recommendations for good movies I may have missed.

2 comments on “Best Movies of 2011

  1. Matt Stewart
    December 27, 2011

    Hmmm not exactly what I would expect from such a list, but interesting thoughts nonetheless!


    • Dawning
      December 27, 2011

      My viewing this year contained more movies from previous years. I’m sure I’ve missed some goods ones from this year.


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