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Guilty Pleasure #2 – Magic:The Gathering

Guilty pleasures… the things that we secretly enjoy but hesitate to admit we enjoy because it’s kind of cheesy or just plain embarrassing to watch, read, listen to or play

Magic: The Gathering.  The geeky card game that has endured over the years.  Released in 1993, the game is distributed by Wizards of the Coast and they are still putting out expansions and making geeks of new generations.  This is a guilty pleasure because really it is a geek game where you get to be a magician and cast your spells, bringing all sorts of mythical creatures into being.  Nerd.  But damn is it fun to play and collect the cards.  My husband I started playing this about 15-16 years ago then stopped until about a year and half ago when we got back into it.  There is something to be said for a couple who can find something like this to share and spend time playing together.  I’m partial to black and green as far as cards go.  Black is full of vampires, demons and zombies (among other things) and green is earthy but powerful.  That guy there is Ob Nixilis The Fallen, one of my favourite cards and I love the picture.  Demon power!  That is the other thing about this game-the art work is fantastic.  The card images are so well done, detailed and inspiring.  The images, in fact, would be great methods of inspiration for writers.  No, not fan fic but images like this one can provoke ideas about what type of creature it is, where it comes from, what it can do.  Sometimes images can be inspiring and spawn amazing stories.  But that’s just me.  Anyway, this is another guilty pleasure that I indulge in.

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