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Best Video Games of 2011

I admit that I am extremely picky about the types of video games I will play and this year I played more new ones than usual.  Here are my 3 picks for 2011 releases.

Dragon Age II – I never played the first one and I was skeptical about playing this one but I was wrong to be skeptical.  I loved this game.  So much so that I played it everyday for a couple of weeks.  What I liked about the game was the character interaction and the way that you can choose your character’s path.  I like how you can choose how your character responds and how you can make her/him a dick, a saint or in between.  This game was thoroughly enjoyable and had a start and finish so it isn’t a life encompassing venture like some RPG games.  Lots of fun.

Infamous: Festival of Blood -I played Infamous on a trial version and liked it but didn’t really get into enough to buy it.  A few days before Halloween, I saw this on PSN and thought what the hell, 10 bucks for a game with vampires and super charged guy.  And it is a lot of fun being a vampire fighting and killing other vampires.  Bloodsucking goodness.

L.A. Noire – L.A. Confidential in a video game sort of.  I was really looking forward to playing this and did enjoy it.  My only issue was that the cases became tedious after a while and seemed all the same.  I still enjoyed it and would recommend it. 


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