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American Horror Story- Piggy, Piggy-Ep.6

Piggy, Piggy – Spoilers Always

Episode 6, halfway to the end of the season.  This is way delayed since Episode 11 just aired last night but here we go.  Love the make up in that image.  This was a good episode for delving into the relationship between Violet and Tate and for getting a look at the two sides of Tate that are emerging.  In the beginning, Constance and Tate are living in the House are storming in to take him away.  Constance is yelling his just a child, red lights from the cops guns are trained on his chest and then…opening credits. Love that music.

The Halloween antics are over and the ghosts of the house have returned home.  Poor Violet is beginning to understand what is going on in the house and with Tate.  She looks up the Westfield massacre online and sees the kids from Halloween night, followed by an article about the killer who was subsequently killed by police in 1994.  Oh my god it’s Tate!  She wants her Mommy but instead she gets Constance who is well aware of the ghosts and her dead son inhabiting the house.  Constance wants to give her guidance in this time of insanity and introduces her medium Billy Dean (Sarah Paulson).  Violet the snotty teen is reluctant to believe but listens as Billy Dean tells her about her dead housekeeper (it’s hard to keep good help).  Billy Dean’s advice to Violet, get with the program or go crazy.  Nope she’s not buying it until Billy Dean speaks her Grandmother’s last words to her.  Visions of suicide danced through her head; Violet is back to her cutting ways, to release pain or play with death?

Vivien is now alone in the house after kicking Ben out, so what does she do, pushes the panic button and here’s come the hot security guard Luke, followed shortly by Ben, whom she less than pleased to see but tolerates his presence as he needs to work at the house. And then finally the storyline gets back to the nurse who fainted during Vivien’s ultrasound.  Vivien finds out that she had quit immediately following it and her pursuit of finding more about the nurse is interrupted by Constance brining gifts of offal – raw organs for Vivien to enjoy as it provides nutrients for her and the baby.  Disgusted at first, she devours the organs and the raw pancreas.  Vivien does finally track down the nurse in a church and wants to know why she fainted and why she quit.  It’s because of the what she saw, the hooves, the unclean thing, the plague of nations, the beast growing in Vivien’s womb.  Ok…

As a side story, we get to meet this week’s patient Derek (Eric Stonestree) who is terrified of Urban Legends but one in particular, Piggy Man.  “Here piggy, pig, pig.”  Eric Stonestreet is awesome as the insomniac urban legend fearing Derek.  Ben has decides that it would be a good idea for Derek to do his piggy summoning in the House, in the bathroom, in the dark.  Worst place for a paranoid to be.  And what happens, he sees a dead nurse in the shower and proclaims he is broken.  Speaking of broken, Violet is hanging out with the girl from episode 1 that she and Tate terrorized in the basement.  She goes on a diatribe about the devil being real and being beautiful because he is a fallen angel, God’s favourite.  She also gives Violet a little something to cope with madness – a bottle of sleeping pills.  She goes home and Tate is playing the sneaky ghost, zooming about behind her in shadows.  She goes to her room only to encounter the words “I love you” written on her blackboard.  This is too much for her – her boyfriend who is a ghost and murderer loves her.  Distraught, she takes a couple of handfuls of pills and lies down.  Whether or not her intent was to die, can’t be sure.  There is no need to fret though as Tate the friendly ghost is there to revive her and she is not happy to see him as she cries in the shower in his arms.

And to close out the side story that didn’t fit anyway, Derek gets the courage to say the words in his bathroom – Here piggy, pig, pig.  The shower curtain opens and he is shot in the head by a burglar who thought Derek was calling him a pig. Huh?  And to bring us to the end, Constance asks Billy to channel Addy so she can say she is sorry.  Addy forgives her and tells her she is grateful that she didn’t die in the house because she didn’t want to be with Tate – she is afraid of him now that she knows the truth.  Constance is shocked and it’s not really sure what truth she is afraid of.  Taking out the episode is tender moment between the sad Violet letting Tate hold her after he cries about her distance towards him.

So how was this episode?  It was good to watch Violet coming to the realization that the house is filled with ghosts and that the tortured Tate is really a ghost and murderer.  I also liked the way Tate was portrayed in two different ways – the tortured love stricken boy and the cold hearted killer.  It’s like he has dual personalities or maybe there is more to it…

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