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Divine The Series

The Premise: A young priest must come to terms with his crisis of faith or risk damnation to the soul of a living miracle. With man’s freewill held in the balance, the bloody conflict surrounding the immortal being known as Divine will take him further into his religion than ever he dreamed possible.  Taken from http://www.divinetheseries.com/about/

I recently discovered this web series after visiting IMDB to see what Misha Collins was up to since his hiatus from Supernatural this season and saw Divine listed as his most recent work. There are currently 6 episodes posted on the Divine website that range from about 10-14 minutes each and it is very well done.  The production, directing, acting, special effects are brilliant.  The show is produced by Vancouver based Maple Blood Productions and is filmed in Vancouver.

The opening episode introduces us to Divine, the immortal being played Dan Payne, Deacon Jim (Allen Sawkins) who has resurrected Divine more times than he can recall, Jin (Chasty Ballesteros) Divine’s sexy Catholic school girl dressed sidekick and Father Christopher (Misha Collins) who witnesses the resurrection of Divine.  In episode 3 we are introduced to the young priest with a crisis of faith, Father Andrew (Ben Hollingsworth). I think one of things that impressed me was the high quality of the series and high quality special effects.  As for the story, it is interesting and well written.  The episodes don’t necessarily follow a linear path or reveal too much about how Divine came to be at the mission, but they do have good action sequences and well written dialogue.  I haven’t read too much about what is happening with the series as far as if there will be more episodes or not but I do hope it continues.

I highly recommend this series to anyone looking for something interesting, well done and willing to support a unique series.  Check out Divine The Series at link included in the premise at the top of the page.

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