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American Horror Story-Halloween Pt.2- Ep.5

Lots of spoilers.  This was an episode that answered several questions.

Well, where to start.  Larry the burn man was banging on the Harmon’s door at the end of the last episode terrorizing Violet while Ben and Vivien sat in the hospital after another scare about the baby.  In the last episode a nurse was doing an ultrasound on the baby and passed out but nothing further comes of this as Viv and Ben rush out of the hospital back to the house.  One thing that I have noticed is that the time lines in this show can be very muddy.  I swear that Vivien and Ben should have seen the ambulances outside the house after Addy was hit but they were gone by the time they returned; also gone are Larry and Violet.  This is where Episode 5 picks up. Violet is looking at the door as Larry yells outside and right behind her is the Rubber Man and then…she goes upstairs and Tate is outside asking her to meet him in the basement which she does and they leave the house.  And Larry, well by the time Ben and Vivien get back from the hospital he is gone and the front door of the house is open, the alarm sounding with no Violet in sight.  Vivien and Ben search the house for Violet but can’t find her.  Then the doorbell rings and it’s Hayden looking a little rough and bloody and dead but Ben doesn’t buy that she is dead and assumes that her and Larry are trying to extort him and that her death was faked.  I really don’t like the character of Ben.  Not because of the adultery, he is only human and a very weak man, but he is so damn stupid and worse than that, he thinks his wife is stupid.  Going back to the second episode where Ben gets the call from Hayden about the pregnancy, I wondered for the first time about the discrepancies with the time line and that was answered after Vivien asks Ben about Boston.  To note here, she asks him about it after ghost Hayden tells her she is pregnant and threatens to cut out Vivien’s unborn baby with a piece of a broken mirror. Ben explains that only a month or so prior he had gone back to Boston and knocked Hayden up.  Oh…what a prick.  So that’s the end of their story for this episode as he packs his bags and leaves the house.  Backtrack, back, back, back.

The amazing disappearing Violet.  Vivien called her and of course she is fine, hanging out with Tate on the beach.  Ah, how sweet, a romantic bonfire for two on the beach until some pissed off teens with freaky gun shot wounds show up to interrupt the love fest.  The teens are very angry and Tate can’t understand why they are pissed at him because he doesn’t know who they are.  Again I caught on to this and remembered from the first episode when Tate was telling Ben about his fantasy about going into the school and shooting his fellow students.  And by the end of the episode, it is confirmed that these are the ghosts of the students he killed some 16 years previously.  Yep, Tate is a ghost because otherwise he looks mighty young for someone in his mid 30’s.  Oh and it is finally confirmed that he is Constance’s only perfect child.  Wait, what?  I wondered about this in a previous episode, 2 or 3, and Constance confirms that he is her son to Violet who is absolutely shocked when she tells her and asks Violet not to tell him about Addy’s death – at that point Constance shows her a picture of Addy and Tate. It also seems that Constance has taken a new interest in Violet, maybe the daughter she never had, we’ll see.   What else…oh Zachary Quinto appears again as Chad and has a thing or two to say to Larry who has gotten into the house and is planning to burn it down with Viv inside; you know to help Hayden win Ben back.  Logic, not so much but Larry is less than stable and I don’t think he is a ghost now as he is truly unnerved by the appearance of Chad telling him to get out of his house.  This is the last we see of Larry in this episode.   There is also another appearance of the first owner’s wife telling Ben to save his baby.

Impressions: Another great episode as it answers some of those questions that have been left unanswered about Tate, Constance and Hayden’s pregnancy.  One of the things that I liked about this episode is the appearance of the previous residents and the ghosts that have appeared thus far in the series.  From the ’70’s twins to the murdered nurses and Chad, they all head back to the house the morning after Halloween.  I’m looking forward to seeing what happens from here on out and as the show has been renewed for another season, I’ll be interested to see how it goes forward and if the Harmon’s will be still be in it, dead or alive.

Episode 6 Piggy, Piggy.  Side note: bring back the Rubber Man, I want his story.

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