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Challenge Me! Day 1

First day of my little challenge. To start -find something beautiful to brighten the day. This lovely sugar skull fairy is probably my favourite as it embraces Autumn and Halloween. The shiny gold and orange glow of the skull, the flowers crowning her head, the orange ends of her hair and of course, the sugar skull face paint. It’s beautiful to look upon.

It reminds me of Halloween and October, the best time of the year as the weather starts to cool and everything starts to change colours to those lovely yellows, reds, oranges and the grass going to a rich green from all of the rain – west coast of Canada. The heat fades, the trees come into their glory of vibrant colours and then lose their leaves in preparation of the cold months ahead before renewal begins again in the spring. Autumn begins the process of cleansing out the remnants of the year that is passing and bringing forth a shiny and bright new year. Beauty.

Next part of the challenge – do something creative. I figured this part would be harder to do each day. So, playing Animal Crossing there is a lot you can do to beautify your island and home. I’m currently working on a zen garden for the island and themes for each of my rooms in my house. Ok, so not a traditional type of creative but it does take some imagination to make it all work and look good. And trying to figure out how to make hybrid flowers and get some black lilies for the graveyard. I just can’t figure out how to get a picture of any of it. Second point of creativity for today, the above Autumnal appreciation. That’ll will be it for today however, as my heads feel like it’s going to explode. Cheers!

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