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30ish Day Challenge – I Challenge Me!

Be creative each day and find something beautiful each day.

On social media there are these challenges that people participate in and then in turn nominate a social media friend to also take part in the challenge. That’s not what this is. I’m not challenging anyone to anything, I’m challenging myself. Feeling in a rut, lacking enthusiasm for writing, so why not find a way to help bolster the energy to be more creative. True, this shouldn’t really be necessary but it is difficult to find that spark to do something artistic when dealing with pain and after working all day in a mundane job (yes, I’m fortunate to still be able to work full-time during the pandemic, I know that). And too much time is spent thinking about doing creative things and not actually doing them. So here are my 2 challenges to encourage creative activities and to appreciate the beauty in the world, no matter how messed up things are right now. And the timeline is roughly a month but no less than 30 days.

Challenge 1: Do something creative each day. Write a poem, add a few pages to the novel, write a short story, take a picture, draw a picture (no matter how bad), colour a page in a colouring book, bake, create a new meal with random ingredients.

Challenge 2: This can totally be incorporated with challenge 1 – find something beautiful to appreciate every day. Doesn’t have to be something that is universally beautiful, just something that I find beautiful. A poem, favourite line from a book, a quote, a painting, something in nature. Take a breath, take a break and just absorb it.

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