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Halloween Dawning

Trying to come up with a clever name for my lead up to Halloween blog posts and this is what my tired mind produced: Halloween Dawning. Because Halloween is dawning and you know, Dawning Creates….Kind of lame, I know but I’m rusty. Anyway, I have a list of movies and shows I intend to watch and review over the next 36 days until Halloween. Only 36 days to go! It’s an ambitious goal to watch even part of it and I do have Shadow of the Tomb Raider to play but I have extra time off this year and I don’t sleep much anyway, so more time to indulge in horror. Here are my intended for the lead up to Halloween. Boo!

Castle Rock: Almost finished, a couple more episodes to go.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter – Been on my list for a while.

House of the Devil – One of several re-watches this season. It’s been awhile and I like the vibe of it.

Happy Death Day – Not usually my type of movie but it looks kind of fun.

Hereditary – Very much on the fence about this one. Might to be too out there for me but we’ll see.

Spring – Older movie that I saw a trailer for after watching the trailer for the next movie…

The Endless – Looks intriguing and along the lines of Adam Nevill’s ‘Last Days’.

Patient Zero – Zombie flick not available to October 23; cutting it close but I’m looking forward to it.

The Witch – Another re-watch because I couldn’t follow it the first time. No drinking this time around.

The Quiet Place – Again, on the fence. The premise reminds of the novel ‘The Silence’ by Tim Lebbon.

Ghoul – Netflix series set in a prison camp and weird shit happens with an odd prisoner.

Skeleton Key – Been a long time since seeing this one but it has the Southern vibe to go with rereading ‘The Witching Hour’ by Anne Rice.

The Houses October Built – This may become a Halloween staple for me. For some reason I really like it.

Annabell Creation – Hey, why not. Dolls are just as creepy as clowns.

Hemlock Grove – So cheesy but I didn’t finish the second or third season and Bill Skarsgård.

Winchester – Low expectations but hopefully some good jump scares.

The Vault – Not too sure what to expect but curious about the horror side of this heist flick.

Strigoi – Watched a trailer for this older flick. Looks like a good horror comedy.

Delirium – A psychological thriller. I’ll give it a go.

Halloween (1978) – Well, of course. It’s been a couple of years and it is the classic for the season.

Halloween (2018) – Lots of good buzz for this one. Really looking forward to it.

A Nightmare on Elm Street – Another classic re-watch.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – I will shamefully admit that I have never seen this movie. I struggle to watch this type of violence in horror movies which is why I have put it off. Maybe this year I will finally watch it.

3 comments on “Halloween Dawning

  1. Juani
    September 25, 2018

    Castle Rock: I am waiting for all the episodes to be out and plan to binge it all at once 🙂

    House of the Devil – I watched this one this past weekend and even though I loved the whole vibe and look of it, the ending just kind of ruined it for me.

    Happy Death Day – Really enjoyable slasher comedy.

    Hereditary – Hated this movie.There were a few scenes that scared the holy crap out of me, but the rest of it just really didn’t make sense to me.It’s like they left half of the movie out, but it was already so long.

    The Witch / The Quiet Place – Both of these I want to watch, but I feel like my house needs to be dead quiet to watch them, and my house never seems to be quiet.

    Skeleton Key – Love love love this movie!Thanks for the book recommendation, I will have to check out “The Witching Hour”.

    Hemlock Grove – I never went further than season 1 either and although I didn’t really like it that much, it has all the elements of something I should love.So I might also try watching it from the start.

    Winchester – Not too bad, quite predictable, but enjoyable.And Jason Clarke ❤

    Halloween (1978) – Yesssss! Really need to re-watch this again.Has the perfect horror vibes.

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre – I don't know if our tastes are similar or not,but I also hated this movie :/ I am not a fan of gore and this one was just weird and super gory.I tend to get vibes from movies/tv shows and if I don't like the vibe, then the rest of the movie can be very good, I just won't enjoy it.


    • Denise
      September 26, 2018

      Nice! Thanks for your input. Hereditary…that’s kind of what I’m worried about, that it will just be too weird and incomprehensible. Have to say, really enjoying Castle Rock, more than I thought I would. ‘The Witching Hour’ is the book that made me love New Orleans and got me into writing. It’s a long one but beautifully written. Thanks again for stopping by 🙂


      • Juani
        September 26, 2018

        I am so glad you are back to blogging.New Orleans (or any other swampy,gothic settings) are some of my favorites,that’s also why I love The Skeleton Key.


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