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Oh look, I am still here and have 2 speedy reviews

Yep, it’s been awhile. Too long since posting, too long since writing in general. It’s annoying when mundane distractions gets in the way. Now back to the fun parts. I’m out of practice so here 2 speedy reviews of last weekend movie night.



The Belko Experiment

Ever dream about taking out your co-workers? Well, in The Belko Experiment an office full of people finally get the excuse they have been waiting for. The Belko Institute situated in the middle of nowhere near Bogota, Columbia sells….something that not even the employees really seem to understand. That should be the first clue that perhaps the job isn’t quite right. The second thing that could be an indicator that the job is sketchy are the trackers that all the American employees have implanted in the back of the neck when they start working for the institute (hell no). It’s an average work day but slowly little things begin to seem strange as 80 American workers begin filing in to the office for the day. The guards at the front gate are all new. All the Colombian employees are not in the office for some reason. A voice comes over the PA and announces that there are 80 employees in the building and they will all die (or something along lines) unless 2 people are killed. When the staff doesn’t take it seriously heads start to explode. Brains and blood everywhere. The next threat is 30 are to be killed within 2 hours or 60 people will die. You can imagine how that goes over. The good try to survive and the seemingly good turn bad and start killing. Failure is inevitable and by the end of the movie there is one survivor who gets to find out the sick truth. It was all a social experiment. Well fuck. Death and murder just to see what people would do.

Final Thoughts: Well, there was certainly a lot of death and it was pretty gory. And really, that’s all there was to this flick. The characters are stereotypical and the end result was far from a surprise. And that isn’t a bad thing at all. This is the type of movie that you watch with no expectations and go in for the gore. 3 out of 5, would recommend.

Creep 2

Well, I did enjoy Creep and wasn’t really sure what to expect from the follow-up. If you thought Mark Duplass was creepy in the first one, he gets a run for his money when his next videographer/potential victim shows up at another isolated home in the woods. This time around we see Duplass‘ (using the name Aaron) feeling down and unmotivated in his killing as he approaches his 40th birthday. Mid-life crisis for a serial killer could have been the tag line for this flick. Aaron reaches out to Sara, a Youtuber (can’t be a real word) who is on the verge of giving up on her webseries, Encounters – in which she has encounters with people she meets on Craigslist. So much wrong there. Aaron is up front with Sara about his killing but naturally she doesn’t believe him. Things get weird starting with Aaron presenting his naked self to Sara and she in turn, disrobes and there is nothing sexy about any of it. As the day and night go on, Aaron is continually surprised by Sara’s weirdness and acceptance of him. And Sara, while still not really believing him, plays along with ease. Aaron is a killer but the twist, he stabs himself beside a grave he had dug in the middle of the woods. His hope is that because of the connection he has with Sara, she will also kill herself. When she finally freaks out, he feels betrayed and stabs her. Slipping in his old age, he fails to kill her and meets his demise at the hands of his muse.

Final Thoughts: This movie just makes the viewer feel uncomfortable and well, creeped out. While I didn’t like it as much as Creep, it was still well done with the minimal cast and the acting was again very good. 4 out of 5, would recommend.


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