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13 Days of Halloween – The Devil’s Candy (2015)

A remote home is the set-up for this flick about possession, painting and rock and roll in rural Texas. Struggling artist Jesse Hellman, his wife Astrid and daughter Zoe make the big decision to buy a home which is surprisingly within their price range. Things get freaky fast when an uninvited guest, a former resident, decides that he and the voice in his head want to come home.


My TakeEthan Embry is somewhat unrecognizable as Jesse the struggling artist with his scraggly hair and very well toned body…Anyway, Jesse and his wife and his metal music loving daughter buy a remote home where a couple had recently died (natural causes or so the realtor claims) which explains the good deal they are getting on it. As Jesse focuses on his art, he starts to hear a deep voice and feel the urge to create very morbid art which is not his typical style. Meanwhile, the son of the former residents, Ray Smilie (Pruitt Taylor Vince) just wants to go home and he sure does even with the new family now in house.

That voice that Jesse is hearing has been with Ray for awhile and one of his solutions to quiet it, is rock n roll in the form of playing a guitar at max level. After Ray makes himself at home in Zoe’s bed and promptly expelled from house after some tense moments, he becomes obsessed with the girl – the voice is telling him she is the sweetest candy. Yep, totally creepy. Things progress to the breaking point when Ray tries to kill the family but Jesse steps up and saves them with an ax (the flying V guitar). 

Final Thoughts: The description is somewhat vague on purpose. There are a few more layers to Ray then described and they are gory but that is why you should see this movie for yourself. Overall, the flick is enjoyable (coincidentally, I watched it at night, in a quiet house in a rural area with no other houses nearby) but in some ways it felt rushed and it seemed like there was more to the story that could have been told. A fleshing out of the characters perhaps. That being said, this was still a good movie and one I recommend. 3.5 flying V guitars out of 5.

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