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13 Days of Halloween – Train to Busan (2016)

A zombie outbreak ravages South Korean as a group of survivors travel on an infected train to the port city of Busan. A hardworking father, Seok-woo, is taking his sad daughter Soo-an to his estranged wife when they are swept up in the chaos and horror of rage zombies rampaging across the country.

My Take: Zombie movies that actually have a good story, good characters, good acting and good special effects are hard to come by. There is certainly no shortage of zombie flicks that encompass some of those aspects but over the last few years, there seems to a shortage of enjoyable ones. Train to Busan hits the mark in all of those categories. The outbreak is subtle at first, reports of attacks and unusual extreme violence, easily written at first until the passengers on a train from Seoul to Busan come face to gory, bloody, infected face with zombies. The building anticipation creeps up and when the creatures are finally fully on-screen they look so creepy and awesome. They are no slouches as they lock onto sound and full on run toward the auditory source of their next meal. As expected, there are close calls as the father and daughter struggle to survive and team up with others in the pursuit to get to Busan that is a safe zone, guarded by the military. Betrayals, deaths and infection are all faced as well as heart-break and redemption.

Final Thoughts: This was a very enjoyable zombie movie. All of the elements of the flick were top-notch and even the couple of sappy moments didn’t drag or become boring. All of rave reviews are right and Train to Busan is certainly a wonderful zombie filled movie to enjoy during the spooky season. Four bloody zombies out of five.

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