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I’ve been getting pretty worked up about a number things recently that for the most part are out of my control. Cell phone drama (damn you Samsung), work drama (I fear it may all be in my head) and my inability to focus and enjoy the season or write because of those dramas. I sat down at my desk in the office yesterday morning and looked up on my cabinet and read again what that little bunny is saying. It seemed appropriate as I was getting in a tizzy over batteries. I worry about getting the short end of the stick in pretty much everything and it’s not true even if it feels like everything is against me.

……And then I see the news, Reddit, Facebook feeds and I see the real life horror and hardships that exist around the world – the hate, injustice, depravity, cruelty and poverty that is too prevalent in our world today. It exists in my country and real world problems are so much more present in countries where I can’t even begin to understand how the people can live let alone thrive or have their own identities. And I think, what is so terrible in my life? What is so worrisome that it drags me and others around me into the dull drums? The simple answer is nothing in the broader scheme of things. The term First World Problems comes to my mind often as I seethe about the things that really aren’t worth being upset over. I am lucky to live where I do, have the rights and freedoms I do and it’s simply not necessary to waste time and energy on worrying or being upset about those issues. The hard part is remembering that. Yes, I live in a society where I am lucky to worry about what my next smart phone should be but that shouldn’t make those ultimately materialist concerns the forefront of my anxiety. There are people facing real dramas, hardships, pain and loss that don’t have the luxury of worrying about trivial matters.

So, that’s a little interlude to relieve some of the pent-up worry and to remind myself to just enjoy this good life, treat people with respect and kindness (even if it isn’t reciprocated) and get the hell into the Halloween spirit already.


Jinx’s witch hat


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