Upcoming Movie Reviews

I haven’t seen too many movies recently but I have a week off soon and I plan to catch up on some horror flicks. Here is what is upcoming on my to watch list.

The Invitation – I stumbled upon this on some website and it seems to have a twist that could be interesting.


We Are Still Here – From the trailer I’ve seen this movie has the same sort of nostalgic horror movie vibe that House of the Devil had. Looking forward to checking it out.


Deathgasm – Heavy metal, demons, possession. Enough said.


Maggie – Not a huge fan of Arnold schwarzenegger however, this looks like a different take on the zombie movie and a different kind of role for him.



He Never Died – I’m a fan of Henry Rollins and this flick looks like it will be good.

He Never Died

The Veil – I just saw the trailer for this one. Jonestown meets the supernatural. I tend to steer away from movies that play on the Jonestown massacre but this one looks interesting.


Baskin – As far as I know this has not been released in Canada and it will probably be sometime before it is. I’m a little leary on watching it after hearing somethings about it. Sounds majorly fucked up.






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