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Upcoming Movie Reviews

I haven’t seen too many movies recently but I have a week off soon and I plan to catch up on some horror flicks. Here is what is upcoming on my to watch list.

The Invitation – I stumbled upon this on some website and it seems to have a twist that could be interesting.


We Are Still Here – From the trailer I’ve seen this movie has the same sort of nostalgic horror movie vibe that House of the Devil had. Looking forward to checking it out.


Deathgasm – Heavy metal, demons, possession. Enough said.


Maggie – Not a huge fan of Arnold schwarzenegger however, this looks like a different take on the zombie movie and a different kind of role for him.



He Never Died – I’m a fan of Henry Rollins and this flick looks like it will be good.

He Never Died

The Veil – I just saw the trailer for this one. Jonestown meets the supernatural. I tend to steer away from movies that play on the Jonestown massacre but this one looks interesting.


Baskin – As far as I know this has not been released in Canada and it will probably be sometime before it is. I’m a little leary on watching it after hearing somethings about it. Sounds majorly fucked up.





One comment on “Upcoming Movie Reviews

  1. Parlor of Horror
    April 18, 2016

    We are still here looks good! I just watched The Veil over the weekend and liked it. I’ll be posting a review 2morrow.


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