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DSCN0226I’ve come to a point of immobility. Not literally, I’m sucking up the pain and running/walking but mentally I am struggling. There are stressful situations and I’m having great difficulty writing. I’m distracted and I can’t even drift into my mind at night when I usually work through the lives of my imaginary friends and can relax in different worlds. And now that one of those worries has passed and been replaced by sadness, it’s time to get over the other things that I shouldn’t been wasting my mind on ruminating over. It will work itself out and as someone recently said to me: when one door closes another opens.


I recently listened to a podcast episode of Sex and Other Human Activities and one of hosts, Marcus Parks, was talking about how he just writes and flows into a stream of consciousness. This is what I need to do to get back to basics and to clear the clutter that is interfering with writing, sleep and relaxation. This, right here is a starting point. Write, everyday, anything just get it out and get the brain working again and push away the things that can’t be changed right now. Here we go.


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