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Housebound (2014)


Morgana O’Reilly (Kylie); Rima Te Wiata (Miriam); Glen-Paul Waru (Amos); Cameron Rhodes (Dennis); Ryan Lampp (Eugene) 

My TakeAgain, I’m going against popular opinion on this one and I’m saying I didn’t really care for this movie.  I was so looking forward to this and The Babadook and I was so disappointed with both of them.   A troubled young woman returns to her childhood home under house arrest following a botched robbery of an ATM.  Living with her mother and step-father, she is miserable being stuck inside with them and soon finds a distraction by way of a ghost and a murder mystery.  Along with the help of her probation officer, who also happens to be a ghosthunter, they set out to find the truth about the ghost and solve a decades old murder.  Alright, so the premise is kind of good but in some ways it reminds me of a plot for a kid’s movie even though it’s not kid friendly.  Part of the issue was that I didn’t actually like the lead character.  Something about her just annoyed me.  The other part was that it bored me.  Maybe my attention span is limited or I’m just looking for something a little more dark (which Snowpiercer was).

Final Thoughts: Maybe it’s just me but it seems like a lot of movies that are being well received and hyped are just not appealing to me.  Housebound wasn’t poorly done by any means – good acting, good story, good production but it just didn’t grab me or do anything to keep me engaged.


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